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Goldenrod growth patterns

Eric Tandy, Tim Kobba, Tyler Hume, and Seth Mills
Ecology class, BIO 342, Biology Department, DePauw University
Fall semester 2014

The goal of our study was to characterize the morphology of tall goldenrod (Solidago altissima) plants in different locations of the DePauw Nature Park. 

We selected four locations for our study:  Creekside Trail (CT), Rail Trail (RT), Quarry Bottom (QB), and near Field Station (NFS).  At each location, we measured height, leaf length, and dry weight of ten plants. 

Plant height and leaf length varied significantly among the locations.  Plants were taller and had longer leaves at the Creekside Trail and Rail Trail.  Plants were shorter and had shorter leaves in the Quarry Bottom.  There was no difference in flower weight among the locations.  There was no relationship between flower weight and plant height. 

Our results suggest that tall goldenrod plants allocate energy and resources differently depending on their specific location.