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Commitment to Undocumented, DACA & International Students and Employees

Commitment to Undocumented, DACA & International Students and Employees

“Our campus, and indeed our country, is strongest when we act together in support of each other.” D. Mark McCoy, President

DePauw's Commitment

Our campus community comprises students, faculty, and staff from a vast array of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Our diverse identities, experiences and perspectives enrich all aspects of our academic endeavors. We support students and employees of all nationalities and citizenship status whose pursuit of knowledge and commitment to excellence have led them to DePauw. The desire to learn is not bounded by citizenship. At DePauw University, we are committed to doing everything possible within the law to create an environment where all members of our community feel safe and respected.

DePauw will

  • Strive to create a safe, transparent and supportive campus environment where all members of our community have equal opportunity to learn, work and engage in meaningful ways. 

  • Provide information and support for any student or employee who has questions related to their immigration status (see resource page below for appropriate staff person's contact information). Staff can provide legal references if a member of the DePauw community needs to consult an attorney, including free or reduced rate legal services.

  • Protect the personal information of its students and employees, to the extent permitted by state and federal laws and regulations.

  • Fully investigate any report of students experiencing harassment, intimidation or threats. Parties found responsible for these violations will be held accountable to the full extent of DePauw's Student Code of Conduct and, when appropriate, forwarded for prosecution.

DePauw will not

  • Ask questions about a student or employee's immigration or citizenship status, unless it is relevant to a required university procedure or service being provided. 

  • Voluntarily disclose information about a student's or employee's immigration status or citizenship to federal authorities unless required to do so by a court-issued subpoena, federal regulation or safety. 


DePauw’s Action and Advocacy

The DePauw community is engaged in a national conversation and campus dialogue about how an institution of higher education like ours can best support undocumented, DACA and international students and employees in the current political climate. Below are some examples of the ways in which DePauw's President, faculty and staff are advocating and acting in support of our students and colleagues.