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Faces of DePauw

Drew Cosgray ’24 Student

I knew I could make my own story here.

Guaranteed Success

I came to DePauw for a Copeland Scholarship interview. I had never been on DePauw’s campus, but as soon as I took a tour, I saw the opportunities at DePauw and worked to set myself apart. I knew it was the place for me. 

My Media Fellows internship at KVIA in El Paso was instrumental to my growth. And it was not just the internship but the work I did to put it in place that was key. I had my own tv show at DePauw, spent countless hours networking and spent a lot of time with Larry Abed, who I consider a mentor and friend. Larry was the first one to pull me aside and say, “you can do this.” Two DePauw alumni, Zach Crenshaw and Robert Sherman, have been incredibly kind and supportive to me along the way. They’re amazing journalists and even better people. 

If you want to be an outlier, meaning reaching such success that people consider you the best at what you do, DePauw University is the place to be. With the tight knit community, the network connections, and the opportunities given, it is incredibly hard to leave DePauw and not be successful. That’s quite a big statement, but it’s true. People come here, and when they leave, they go on to do unique things that change the world. You can be that person.  

Major: Communications
Hometown: Lebanon, IN
Campus Involvement: Sigma Chi, D3TV, WGRE, Young Life, Grounded, Admission Tour Guide