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Faces of DePauw

Kate Pederson ’25 Student

I immediately felt at home at DePauw.

Endless Opportunities

I chose DePauw because of all the opportunities here. A few aspects that stuck out to me were the Management Fellows Program, study abroad opportunities and numerous student organizations. I’ve stayed at DePauw for these opportunities and for the people. On this small, liberal arts campus, relationships are everything. I have gotten to know my professors on a deeper level and connect with them. 

If you’re a prospective student, choosing where you’ll spend the next four years is a big decision. Your top choice will likely change as you explore. Apply to any that you’re interested in and keep your options open. Another piece of advice I have is to visit campus. In many of my campus tours, I knew within the first five minutes whether it was right for me. For some of them, my perceptions changed with the second and third visits. I immediately felt at home at DePauw.

Initially, I had no idea what I would major in. So, I looked at all the courses DePauw offered and noted the ones I was interested in. I found the classes fell under three areas – communication, psychology and Hispanic studies. That guided me to choose my major and minors in the area. With that, I still didn’t declare my major and minors until my second year. There’s no rush to declare, and it is important to keep an open mind and be prepared for your interests to change. 

One relationship at DePauw that has been most meaningful to me so far was with Sandy Smith. Sandy retired this year but was amazing to me during my first two years at DePauw. I worked with her through the Management Fellows Program, leading Women in Economics and Business and transitioning into leading the Consulting Group. She was always a friendly face that I could go to and talk about anything with. College can be difficult, and having people that support you is important.

A big part of my DePauw experience has been getting involved in all that I can. It’s easy to get wrapped up in academics or lock yourself up in your room. College is an extremely unique time where you can explore, succeed, and at times, fail with few repercussions. DePauw has so much to offer. Get involved on campus and you’ll get so much out of your experience. 

Major: Communication
Minors: Psychology and Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Springfield, OH
Campus Involvement: Management Fellows, Rector Scholar, Admissions Ambassador, Communication Research, Past First-Year Mentor, Servicio Student Coordinator, Greek life (Alpha Chi Omega), Women in Economics and Business, Consulting Group, Her Campus
Internships/Winter Terms: Marketing for Businesses Winter Term, BuxBear Storage Marketing Intern (San Francisco, CA), Greater Springfield Partnership Marketing Intern (Springfield, OH)