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The Monon Bell

The Monon (pronounced MOE-non) Bell football game is the annual contest between the DePauw University Tigers and the Wabash College Little Giants. The rivalry between DePauw and Wabash began in 1890 and more than 100 games have been played. The Monon Bell game was voted Indiana's best football rivalry by ESPN fans.

The Monon Bell trophy, a 300-pound locomotive bell from the Monon Railroad, was introduced in 1932 at the suggestion of a DePauw alumnus, Orien Fifer '25, in a letter to the editor of The Indianapolis News. The Bell is awarded to the victorious team at the end of the game, to be held until contested again the following year. Since DePauw and Wabash are only 27 miles apart, the adversaries in the game are often brothers, cousins, high school classmates or good friends, adding to the competition's intensity.

The two west central Indiana schools have faced each other 122 times with Wabash holding a 60-53-9 lead. Since the Monon Bell entered the rivalry in 1932, Wabash holds a 41-37-6 lead.

The Monon Bell football game is more than just a rivalry. During the week of the game, both schools have numerous events and shared functions including concerts, debates and a blood drive. Learn more about the history and traditions of the Monon Bell by clicking here.