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Old Gold Weekend

Originally, Old Gold Day was a way to stop the increasingly violent freshman-sophomore class scraps, battles over possession of the opponent's flag or the Boulder in front of East College. In 1907, its first year, Old Gold Day was a program that began with chapel at 8:30 a.m., followed by interclass games and varsity football. Scheduled events continued throughout the day. The day concluded with a meeting in Meharry Hall where the varsity football players were awarded their D's for their letterman jackets.

By 1919, Old Gold Day had become what it is today. Old Gold Weekend includes a football game at which alumni, parents and students cheer for the current Tigers. The traditional crowning of a Homecoming queen and king continues. The festivities, however, do not end at the concluding quarter of the football game. The weekend continues with many Greek units honoring their respective alumni with banquets and parties.