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Presidential Ambassadors

The DePauw Presidential Ambassadors are student leaders chosen because they personify the charisma and spirit of today's DePauw students. These seniors serve as official student representatives at university and alumni gatherings with a focus on making guests feel welcomed, engaged, and warmly assisted.

2022-2023 Presidential Ambassadors

22-23 Presidential Ambassadors with Dr. White and Dr. Tony Tillman

Back Row (left to right): Jacob Bailey, Joshy Kaluwasha, Dr. Anthony Tillman, Jonathan Harris, Thomas Brelage

Middle Row (left to right): Elizabeth Orta, Becca Parsons, Troy Tien Nguyen, Edgar Garcia Cualatl, Amerti Gut, Maria Esposito, Kavya Shrivastava, Mikael Polanco, Cary J. Martin

Front Row (left to right): Emma St. John, Mei-Li Minnich, Maura Fitzgerald, Maddie Perry, DePauw President, Dr. Lori S. White, Nathaniel Swanson, Kaitlynn Franks, Ivana Zelaya Avila

Not pictured: Vonia Monroe and Sam Kpedi