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2017 Plan Implementation

Reaching our goals means working with all departments, programs and individuals to meet benchmarks for each initiative. The below themes and goals are focused on the first 3-year period since the plan’s inception in 2017.

Last updated August 30, 2018

Culture and Community

A Great Place to Learn, Live and Work  

  • Continued implementation of the Inclusion Plan (ongoing)
  • Charge a Commission to study and benchmark our Greek system and provide recommendations on becoming the best Greek system in America (ongoing) 
  • Develop a detailed five-year financial plan (ongoing)
  • Implement a Strategic Staffing Plan (completed)
  • Increase annual giving (ongoing) 
  • Complete construction and implement programming for the Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (ongoing)
  • Open the campus farm and establish the Center as an open and inviting space that prioritizes healthy living for all students (completed) 
  • Develop an understanding of DePauw’s current financial health among faculty and staff members (completed) 
  • Create and operationalize a strategic initiatives team to improve institutional effectiveness and assessment (completed)
  • Implement the DePauw Alcohol Collaborative (completed) 
  • Develop and implement the Staff Development Coffee Series (ongoing) 


Enrollment and Visibility 

A University of Choice and Distinction

  • Leverage financial aid to improve enrollment and enrollment revenue (ongoing)
  • Launch media plan including advertising and public relations (completed) 
  • Follow marketing and communications plan, including segmented marketing (completed)
  • Develop and implement an internal communications strategy (completed) 


Engagement & Learning 

Coordinated Rigorous Curriculum with a Robust Co-Curriculum

  • Develop new student co-curriculum details (completed) 
  • Evaluate and reform First Year Seminar to be more effective for students and more manageable for faculty (ongoing) 
  • Develop program to retain and graduate high-risk students (ongoing) 
  • Implement the Inclusive Excellence Fund Raising Campaign (ongoing) 
  • Hire and develop all Center Directors (nearly complete) 
  • Create the Centers Council, including the development of mission, goals, and alignment of programming and operations (completed) 
  • Improve time banks and the process by which students select classes (ongoing) 
  • Implement new calendar of events system (completed) 


Distinction & Commitment 

The Success of Each Student

  • Develop a plan to increase the size of the endowment (completed) 
  • Develop best practices in University-wide advising and mentoring done by faculty and staff to ensure students are participating in practicum activities that enhance their academic experience (ongoing) 
  • Involve faculty in the student pathway as a way of re-energizing faculty commitment to student outcomes (ongoing)
  • Construct a process to effectively track graduates’ first destination (completed) 
  • Create the infrastructure for students to document and reflect upon their curriculum and co-curriculum (completed)
  • Develop a more intentional collaboration between Development and Alumni Engagement with the Centers, specifically as it relates to alumni visitors to campus (ongoing) 
  • Develop a plan for engaging alumni as internship and employment providers (ongoing)