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Dear Colleagues, 

I write with a brief update on the strategic planning process with a more detailed update to come prior to the Faculty and Staff Welcome Convocation next month.

Over the course of the summer, each of the seven summer working groups is focusing on a specific area of the strategic planning ideas presented to the campus community in the Spring. As a reminder, the working groups and their membership are available here.

The working groups are engaging in additional research and consultation, and articulating objectives and activities in support of the overarching strategic planning goals that the SPSC has further refined since our last community communication. The goals and rationales are available here.

We have also developed a timeline for the next steps in the strategic planning process.

We plan to provide an in-depth report prior to the Faculty and Staff Welcome Convocation.  The in-depth report will include the priority objectives and activities for each goal and timelines for implementation upon affirmation of the plan by the campus community and the Board of Trustees. The Convocation agenda will include opportunities for community discussion and engagement.

I appreciate the work of all who have been able to participate in the summer working groups and consultative conversations. I am excited by the ideas that continue to be refined further thanks to the critical feedback we have received throughout the process to-date.  The strategic planning conversations have illuminated what we value as an institution and opened us to new possibilities for our future. 

As summer eases to a close I look forward to seeing everyone back on campus.  

Lori S. White, Ph.D.
DePauw University