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Planning Structure:

Core Committee Members (Closed Committee)

The goal of this committee is to plan DePauw Dialogue guided by the interests of the campus community. This committee has the fiscal, pedagogical, and logistical responsibility of this day. 

  • 3 students: DSG President and 2 other selected by DSG executive board

  • 5 University Employee's: Logistics person, CDI representative, Student Academic Life representative, a faculty representative (member of DEC or FDC preferred), representative from the Office of Marketing and Communications

  • 2 administrators: Vice President of Academic Affairs and President of the University (or their designee)

Logistics Committee (Closed Committee)

The goal of this committee is to advise on the feasibility and costs of all plans suggested by the core committee. This Committee is responsible for all day-of logistics.

  • Logistics staff member from the core committee

  • A representative from Facilities and Space Management Office

  • A member of the president's staff

  • faculty/staff/students interested in supporting day-of logistics (contact the core committee if interested)

DePauw Dialogue Assembly Meetings

The goal of this bi-weekly meeting is to identify solutions that increase student and faculty engagement (both attendance and leading portions of the day). Dates will be announced at the start of Fall 2019

DePauw Dialogue History:

  • Student Government White Paper
  • Faculty Governance Approval