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Peer Advisors at the Virtual ARC

April and May, 2020


If you're looking for advice, or would simply like to talk through a dilemma (big or small), please call or email one of the Peer Advisors in the Virtual ARC (Academic Resource Center).

Ryan Smith:  A senior communication major with a minor in film studies, Ryan has been a member of the Men's Swimming and Diving Team for four years at DePauw. Upon graduation, he will be joining the company Kronos as a solutions consultant.  Feel free to phone or email Ryan if you'd like to talk about time management or study strategies, or if you'd like general council on adjusting to remote work.  Phone: (847) 668 2775  Email: ryansmith_2020@depauw.edu

Angela Xinye Yang:  A junior majoring in Mathematics and Economics, Angela has worked as a Teaching Assistant, a Quantitative Reasoning (Q) Tutor, a Speaking and Listening (S) Consultant, and as a Peer Advisor.  This summer, she will intern in Eli Lilly’s Finance Department.  She can work with you on making your online calendar more elegant and efficient and on balancing work, online classes, and recreation.  Phone:  (765) 655-6347  Email: xinyeyang_21@depauw.edu

Helina Samson:  A junior psychology major on an Occupational Therapy track, Helina works as a CDI intern, is president of XCell dance team, and is coordinator for the Connections Mentor Program.  If you'd like to talk about organizing your ideas, managing time effectively, or dealing with academic anxieties, feel free to call or email Helina.  Phone: 1(224) 402-9784  Email: helinasamson_2021@depauw.edu 

Tarinni Kakar:  A junior majoring in Economics and Religious Studies, Tarinni is a member of the Women's Golf team and Management Fellows. She is also an intern at the Finance and Accounting office, an Admissions Ambassador, and a Coquillette Peer Consultant at the Hubbard Center.  Feel free to get in touch with Tarinni if you'd like to talk about time management , organizing your calendar or just adjusting to remote learning. Phone: 765-301-1235  Email: tarinnikakar_2021@depauw.edu

Olivia Neal:  A sophomore English Literature and Italian double major with a minor in Business Administration, Olivia is a member of Riley Dance Marathon and coordinator for the Tzouanakis Student Friends program. If you’d like to talk about managing your time effectively or organizing your calendar, whether that be a hard copy or online, Olivia would be happy to help.  Phone: (765) 591-2209  Email: olivianeal_2022@depauw.edu    

Lauren Trang Nguyen:  A first-year student who plans to major in Economics and minor in Chemistry, Lauren (Trang) started DePauw in Fall 2019.  She's now at home in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Lauren has developed expertise in how to study, take notes, prepare for exams, as well as how to keep motivated even in the most difficult times.  Email:  trangnguyen_2023@depauw.edu