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W-Center Policies and Procedures

To ensure that the DePauw Writing Center is able to serve as many students as possible, the following policies have been implemented. Please familiarize yourself with these policies prior to your W Center appointment.

  • The primary purpose of the Writing Center is not to serve as a copy editing or proofreading service, but to provide assistance with thesis, organization, development,  voice, and writing as a process.
  • Each student may schedule only one appointment per week.  If more than one appointment is needed, the student must obtain permission from the Writing Center Director.
  • It is recommended that students schedule an appointment several days in advance, as appointments tend to fill up quickly.  Tutoring sessions are more productive if scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the paper’s due date.
  • When scheduling an appointment, a student MUST list their FIRST and LAST NAME in the appointment book and leave a contact PHONE NUMBER. 
  • The student should arrive on time for the appointment, or call the ARC if he/she is running late.  Students who are 10 minutes late for their scheduled appointment time may lose their slot to another student who is waiting.
  • If you schedule an appointment, you are responsible for showing up at the scheduled time.  If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please call the ARC at 765-658-4039 to cancel.  Failure to show for a scheduled appointment without advance notification two times during a semester may lead to suspension of Writing Center privileges.
  • Students are expected to come prepared to their sessions, with a HARD COPY of their paper, a copy of the professor’s assignment and syllabus, and any other materials that may be helpful to the tutor during the session.  Writing Center Tutors are not allowed to edit papers on laptop screens.