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Dietary Accommodation Renewal

Dietary Accommodation Renewal

ADA Dietary Accommodation: Request for renewal or cancellation, 2016-2017

(2019, 2018, 2017)

Acceptance of Terms

  1. I understand that my need for dietary accommodations must be updated each year.I understand that Student Disability Services does not determine meal plan eligibility. 
  2. I understand Student Disability Services determines and shares with Bon Appetit necessary dietary accommodations based on the documentation I have provided.
  3. I understand that if my dietary needs change, it is my responsibility to provide updated documentation to Student Disability Services.
  4. I understand that Student Disability Services reserves the right to request updated or additional documentation if necessary, to determine dietary accommodations to meet my needs.
  5. I have the right to choose not to use dietary accommodations, and in exercising that right, I accept the resulting outcomes. This means the faculty and staff at DePauw are under no obligation to retroactively address any issue arising from my choice to forgo accommodations.