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Exam Proctoring Procedures

This page outlines procedures for administering exams to students who have registered with Student Disability Services and have active accommodations in place.

  • There are three basic options for administering exams to students who have authorized accommodations:  a. Take the exam with the class.  b. Take the exam with the appropriate accommodations at a mutually agreed upon time, with the professor.  c. Take the exam with Student Disability Services.  Student Disability Services recommends that each student and professor work together to develop the best plan for the administration of accommodations subject to the conditions of the ADA Letter of Accommodation. It is possible that exam proctoring arrangements will vary from class to class. 

  • Many professors at DePauw are willing to proctor their own accommodated exams using testing arrangements that are fair to the student and that also meet course requirements. When feasible, this approach is preferred by Student Disability Services because it provides the faculty member with the greatest control over the exam environment and gives the student direct access to the faculty member in the event of questions or problems. 

  • Student Disability Services does offer exam-proctoring services as an alternative, should the professor and student mutually determine that necessary accommodations are best met in this way. If the professor and student have difficulty determining the best approach, The Director of Student Disability Services should be consulted.

  • The student is responsible for signing permission that allows the electronic release of the ADA Letter of Accommodation to each professor, and discussing with the professor options for having accommodated exams proctored. ADA accommodations are not retroactive and therefore, it is critical that the student requests the release of the ADA Letter of Accommodation to the professors as soon as possible in the semester and have a conversation to reach a mutual understanding about how to best implement exam accommodations.

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that exam proctoring does not conflict with their other scheduled courses or academic obligations.  If there is a conflict, it is critical that the student communicate this conflict to the professor and Student Disability Services in order to arrange for an alternative time for the exam to be proctored.  Missing one class in order to have an accommodated exam proctored for a different class is not an excused absence.

  • If the student and professor agree to have an exam proctored by Student Disability Services, it is the responsibility of the student to provide the professor an Exam Proctoring Form (forms are provided to the student by Student Disability Services). The student (not the professor) is responsible for returning the completed and signed Exam Proctoring Form to Student Disability Services in accordance with the timeframe outlined on the form.

  • Students must submit the completed and signed Exam Proctoring Form to Student Disability Services one academic week prior too the date of the scheduled exam. Students who do not submit the completed and signed Exam Proctoring Form to Student Disability Services within the outlined timeframe will not be able to utilize Student Disability Services for proctoring that specific exam.

  • When exams are proctored at Student Disability Services, The Director of Student Disability Services or an Academic Dean will provide on-site high-level supervision of all exams and will make determinations in any adjustments, conflicts or exam-integrity issues. Other office staff in Student Disability Services will assist with proctoring, for example by escorting students to exam rooms and checking on them periodically while exams are in progress.  

  • Student Disability Services is dedicated to maintaining the highest academic integrity possible in the exam-proctoring environmentStudents having exams proctored by Student Disability Services will be required to follow the university academic integrity policy. While staffing constraints prevent a proctor from staying in the room with a student during the exam, unless needed to implement the specific accommodation, proctors will periodically enter the room to check on the integrity of the exam environment.

  • Proctors are not allowed to explain or express opinions concerning the exam. Professors are asked to provide a contact number and best time and method for contact on the Exam Proctoring Form should a question arise during the exam and the professor is available to assist.  

  • Student Disability Services is open Monday – Friday.   Exams are usually scheduled for proctoring beginning at 8:00 AM, and must be concluded by 5:00 PM on class days.  Student Disability Services offers extended hours for final exams and this schedule will be shared with faculty and students one month prior to final exams.

  • Questions should be directed to Student Disability Services; Memorial Student Union Building, Suite 200, 408 S. Locust Street, Greencastle, IN 46135; Phone: 765-658-6267; FAX: 765-658-4021; E-Mail: