Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies at DePauw is a place where faculty and students from a variety of disciplines come together in shared inquiry. History, religion, philosophy, literature, art history, anthropology, political science¿-all of these approaches provide a lens through which we can view the diversity and complexity of Jewish experience from ancient times to the present. There are two strands that are central to Jewish Studies: one is the study of Jewish intellectual life in both its religious and secular aspects: the other is the study of Jewish identity, again both religious and secular. And central to both these strands is the understanding that there is no singular or essential Judaism, Jewish thought, Jewish place, or Jewish identity. Jewish Studies, like all the liberal arts, poses questions and is never satisfied with an answer. Students interested in exploring Jewish Studies can begin by taking one of the variety of courses that will be offered in the coming year. They are also encouraged to seek out one of the affiliated Jewish Studies faculty for advice and conversation.

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