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FREN 302

Discussing Difference: Diversity in Post-Colonial France

This course will proceed thematically through an array of current topics of tension in postcolonial France organized in three units on race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious practices, integration and immigration status, economic and cultural privilege, linguistic identity and diversity. Over the course of the semester, you will engage with introductory works in French (books, media, film, documentary, social media, among others) to gain a better understanding of France's diversity as well as begin to understand the cultural and political dynamics that could help to explain events such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks or the recent Paris attacks. Because many of these tensions exist in both an American and Francophone context and because many of you may have been exposed to these topics in other courses at DePauw as well as through media and social media, you will be encouraged to continue to make meaningful connections, comparisons between two seemingly different cultural contexts through the use of a wide array of diverse materials (books, graphic novels, documentaries, films, comic strips, media and social media). In addition, you will be exposed to a wide range of linguistic registers from francophone authors of different backgrounds, which will provide increased confidence in reading, listening, and speaking abilities especially for those who anticipate spending a semester abroad. Pre-requisite: FREN 202 or 300-Level Placement

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
FREN 202 or 300-Level Placement 1 course