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M L 395

Advanced Topics in Modern Languages

Courses on specific topics, such as culture, literary movements or genres, linguistics or film. May address multiple areas, such as a course on European literature or culture. Taught in English. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Paul Johnson

395A: AdvTps:(Un)Translatability

Though translation is nearly as old as literature itself, debates about its legitimacy, possibility, and usefulness have been ongoing. Most recently, the concept of (un)translatability has interested multidisciplinary scholars and given rise to the diverse field of translation studies, which has more or less coincided with the similar growth of world literature. But far from settling the question of translatability, the field of world literature has catalyzed new and continuing debates about how we should approach translated literature in an increasingly global marketplace. In this course, we will seek to intervene in these debates by considering the role of translation in several theoretical and literary texts from around the globe.