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Health Resources & Insurance Requirements

DePauw international students are automatically enrolled in continuous insurance coverage to provide important access to medical services throughout their academic program.


All international students are required to maintain continuous insurance coverage that is approved by DePauw University.  DePauw currently works with EIIA and United Healthcare to provide medical and emergency insurance coverage for international students. This insurance policy is compliant with the United States' Affordable Care Act and meets the US Department of State’s insurance requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitors. DePauw's EIIA insurance policy provides medical and emergency insurance coverage to students anywhere in the world, except in their home countries.  The plan includes routine visits to doctors' offices, emergency hospital visits, specialist care, prescription drug reimbursement and maternity coverage.  Eye and dental injuries are covered, but routine eye or dental services are not included in this policy.  Learn more here about what medical and emergency services are covered by the insurance policy.If you have questions about waiving or purchasing insurance, or general health insurance questions, please contact Stevie Baker-Watson, Associate Vice President for Campus Wellness, at steviebaker-watson@depauw.edu

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Enrollment is Automatic All new and returning international students will be automatically enrolled unless you successfully apply for a waiver. For more information, please refer to DePauw Health's website here.

Health Resources 

All DePauw students have access to basic health and counseling services at The DePauw Wellness Center, our on-campus student health center.  The DePauw Wellness Center includes the following offices:

  • Student Health Center - Students can make appointments to receive medical exams and services from a team of doctors and nurses. Learn more here about what the Student Health Center can provide for students.

  • Counseling Services - In the US, university life can become stressful due to a busy schedule, rigorous academics and living in a new environment. It is common and encouraged for university students to schedule regular appointments with counselors who can help them manage stress in healthy ways so that they can focus on their academic work and develop positive relationships. Our Counseling Services staff is a diverse team of professional counselors who are experienced working with students and offer services in English Mandarin and French.

  • Emergencies - DePauw students should dial "911" (the United States' primary emergency response system) from any phone if they or someone else experiences a medical or mental health emergency.  Students can also contact DePauw's Public Safety office in any kind of emergency situation, and Public Safety will contact the necessary emergency response service. 

  • Local resources - Students can also access medical providers and mental health services in Greencastle and surrounding cities, when necessary. Students should always call the doctor's office prior to their appointment to verify if the doctor accepts LewerMark insurance. Student can ask International Student Services for assistance if they have questions about whether a specific doctor or medical provider accepts DePauw's international student insurance.

  • Dental and Vision Insurance Plans - Dental and Vision coverage is usually an add-on or a separate plan that is available for purchase in the USA. International Students at DePauw University are not required to have dental and vision coverage. There are a number of providers that offer different plans for students willing to obtain one. LewerMark also has partnerships with such providers and includes some information on it here on their website.