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New International Student Checklist

All new international students (four-year degree and exchange) should complete the form below in order to provide important information to International Student Services staff. 

Please submit as much of the New International Student Checklist information as possible now. If some information is unavailable at present, please make another submission here when the new information becomes available. Please continue to provide new submissions until you complete all required items below. 

If you have not had the chance to check the DePauw New International Student Guide, please make sure to have a look at the publication here. It includes valuable information on Visa applications and transitioning to campus, Summer English Immersion Institute, International Student Orientation, Important immigration regulation reminders, DePauw EIIA Health Insurance and Immunization Requirements, Traveling to DePauw with family and transportation to campus.

Personal Information

Please provide the required contact information below.

Please provide your full name in the following order: first, middle (if any), last name

Please inform us of the languages from your country that you can understand and speak.

Student Travel Information

Please answer the questions below and inform us of your travel plans. Please plan to arrive at the required arrival day for the start of your program, which is the first day of International Student Orientation or the first day of Summer English Immersion Institute (for students registered in this program).

Flight number, departure and destination, expected arrival time, etc.

Optional Bedding Package

Please confirm below whether you would like for ISS to provide you with one set of bed sheets, bath towel, pillow, pillowcase and light blanket on the day you arrive to DePauw. We provide this service to make your travel and first days on campus easier. The fee for a Bedding Package is $25 and will be charged later to your DePauw student account.

New Student Tasks

Please read below for the required tasks for all new students.

Visit First Year Student Programs Website

On this website you can find information about the following programs directed towards all incoming students: Summer Online Orientation, Academic at DePauw, First Year Seminar Mentors (Peer Mentors), (On-Campus) August Student Orientation, Guide for Parents and Guardians, helpful hints, planning a visit to campus.

Students joining DePauw in Spring semester shall go on this website. You can find a checklist of tasks required for all incoming students to complete (domestic and international) and information about the New Student Spring Orientation.

Complete Summer Online Orientation 

On the Summer Online Orientation website (direct link available at the First-Year Student Programs website, scroll down until the Summer Online Orientation section) you will find tasks that are required by all incoming students in the fall to complete before they come to campus. The tasks have different deadlines and the website gets regular updates with additional information as each tasks window for completion approaches. Each student shall complete all tasks.

The following tasks need to be completed during the summer: (1) activate student accounts; (2) complete housing application; (3) complete course requests and academic interests; (4) provide proof of immunization; (5) grant parents access to CashNET for billing and payments; (6) complete Diversity and Inclusion training module; (7) complete the writing assessment; (8) create CampusLabs and Handshake accounts; (9) complete introductory name pronunciation; (10) provide final high school transcript; (11) complete steps to have student ID made; (12) complete Alcohol Education and Sexual Assault Prevention module; (13) buy a laptop.

Students joining campus in the Spring, shall refer to this website for the modules they are required to complete. 

International Student Transition-to-Campus Task Checklist

Please check the boxes below once you have completed these important preparations