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Insurance Requirements & Health Resources

DePauw international students are automatically enrolled in continuous insurance coverage to provide important access to medical services throughout their academic program.

All international students are required to maintain continuous insurance coverage that is approved by DePauw University.  DePauw currently works with The Lewer Agency, Inc. to provide medical and emergency insurance coverage for international students. This insurance policy is compliant with the United States' Affordable Care Act and meets the US Department of State’s insurance requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitors.

DePauw's LewerMark insurance policy provides medical and emergency insurance coverage to students anywhere in the world, except in their home countries.  The plan includes routine visits to doctors' offices, emergency hospital visits, specialist care, prescription drug reimbursement and maternity coverage.  Eye and dental injuries are covered, but routine eye or dental services are not included in this policy.  Learn more about what medical and emergency services are covered by the LewerMark international student insurance policy by opening the Plan Summary and Plan Brochure for the current academic year here.

How are students enrolled in DePauw's LewerMark insurance policy?

All new and returning international students will be automatically enrolled at the beginning of each semester in The Lewer Agency's LewerMark insurance policy, unless they are approved in advance to purchase an alternative insurance policy. Learn more about how to request approval for an alternative insurance policy by emailing

The cost for LewerMark insurance coverage for the 2018-19 academic year is $722.16 USD per semester ($1,444 USD total) and covers students for one full calendar year. The insurance fee will be charged to students' DePauw accounts at the beginning of each semester - early September for the Fall semester and early February for the Spring semester.  Students pay for this insurance fee in the same way that any other charge for tuition or student fees would be paid.  Learn more here about student billing and payment procedures at DePauw.

Dates of coverage:

  • Fall semester:  August 1 through the last day of Winter Term

  • Spring semester: First day of the Spring semester through July 31

Returning students will be automatically re-enrolled in the LewerMark international student insurance policy each semester, unless approved in advance by International Student Services to purchase an alternative insurance policy.

Insurance requirements when studying off-campus

DePauw international students who study outside the United States (Winter Term, semester-long study abroad or internship programs) are required to enroll in the LewerMark insurance policy during their off-campus study program, unless approved in advance by International Student Services to purchase an alternative insurance policy that provides equal or better coverage for the duration of the semester.

Resources for international students

International Student Services staff manage international student insurance enrollment, answer student questions about insurance or medical bills, and can help students understand where to go for services they need.

The Lewer Agency also provides a variety of resources for DePauw's international students, such as a 24-hour Nurse Hotline and information about when to go to the emergency room vs. when to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

All DePauw students have access to basic medical and counseling services at The Wellness Center, our on-campus student health center.  The Wellness Center includes the following offices:

  • DePauw Health - Students can make appointments to receive medical exams and services from a team of doctors and nurses. Learn more here about what Medical Services can provide for students and when staff will refer students to off-campus medical providers.
  • Counseling Services - In the US, university life can become stressful due to a busy schedule, rigorous academics and living in a new environment. It is common and encouraged for university students to schedule regular appointments with counselors who can help them manage stress in healthy ways so that they can focus on their academic work and develop positive relationships. Our Counseling Services staff is a diverse team of professional counselors who are experienced working with students and offer services in English Mandarin and French.
  • DePauw Wellness Center - A set of innovative health and wellness services that help DePauw students stay healthy and happy throughout their academic program.
  • Emergencies - DePauw students should dial "911" (the United States' primary emergency response system) from any phone if they or someone else experiences a medical or mental health emergency.  Students can also contact DePauw's Public Safety office in any kind of emergency situation, and Public Safety will contact the necessary emergency response service. 
  • Local resources - Students can also access medical providers and mental health services in Greencastle and surrounding cities, when necessary. Students should always call the doctor's office prior to their appointment to verify if the doctor accepts LewerMark insurance. Student can ask International Student Services for assistance if they have questions about whether a specific doctor or medical provider accepts DePauw's international student insurance.