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Summer English Immersion Institute

Prepare yourself for a successful first year as a DePauw student.

COVID-19 Update: We continue to periodically review this program for any adjustments needed due to COVID-19. Registered participants will be notified of any changes to the instructional format via email.

DePauw's Summer English Immersion Institute is a comprehensive academic and cultural program tailored for international students. Students will work intensively on their academic writing, speaking and reading skills in English. Additionally, through activities and interactions with professors and student leaders, English Institute participants will learn more about the United States and local community where they will study for the next four years. This program will be held from July 29 - August 13, 2022. The fee for this academic program includes instruction and books and will be $1850 for the 2022 Institute. Students who successfully complete the institute receive DePauw extended studies credit.

All new DePauw students are required to take a writing-intensive First-Year Seminar. The English Institute is designed to give First Year international students the following advantages as they prepare for their first year of student life:

  • First-hand experience in the DePauw classroom;

  • Intensive preparation for an all-English academic environment, with a focus on writing;

  • Individualized English language and academic support;

  • The opportunity to establish friendships with other first year students in advance of classes.

The DePauw Summer English Immersion Institute is a unique opportunity for students to start their DePauw experience early and prepare for academic success. Spaces are limited in order to ensure personal attention for each participating student. We strongly encourage you to complete the Summer English Immersion Institute online application by the deadline of June 1, 2022. Do not miss this opportunity to gain an advantage before the academic year begins! 

Student Testimonials:

"It definitely necessary part of my college life as an international student. I could learn not only how to speak up in English but also have great friends that share the same worries as an international students. I felt confident when I finished the institute and also surprised to find my new aspect of learning style."
"I have learnt so much from the course, and it prepared me a lot for the upcoming journey in DePauw. I think every incoming first-year students should participate in the course."
"This class is highly exciting because the instructor and teaching assistants' efforts to help us achieve what we want to achieve. Therefore, I really appreciate all of that helps and loves that I received in that class."
"I think I'm ready for fall and Institute gave me a space to start. I feel included and I am at a stage where I'm open and able to learn as time goes by."

English Institute Teaching Assistants

One of the most beneficial features of the English Institute is building relationships with the upper-level DePauw student who serve as Teaching Assistants. Teaching Assistants support students adjustment to life at DePauw both inside and outside the classroom. These skilled student leaders become valuable resources and first friends for new international students who participate in the English Institute. Meet the 2022 English Institute Teaching Assistants here.