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Tax Requirements and Preparation

All international students are required by law to submit tax forms regardless of whether they earned an income while in the United States. The information below outlines what forms are required when international students submit their tax documents, depending on that individual's unique circumstances. The office of International Student Services cannot advise students specifically on how to file, but seeks to help clarify procedures, answer frequently asked questions, and host informational tax workshops.

The number of forms that students are required to file differs for each student, given their home country, scholarships and income for a given tax year.  While some students will only need to file one document, others may need to submit more than one form based on their specific circumstances. 

Check out this video explaining important tax forms, documents and requirements for F-1 degree-seeking students and J-1 Exchange Visitors (exchange students and scholars).

More resources from Sprintax available in video form here.

What kinds of tax forms might you have been issued by DePauw or an employer off-campus?

1042-S: This form is used to report any taxable scholarship or grant funds (Extended Studies, summer research, prize money for an Art competition, etc.) or financial awards you have earned that pay for your board fees (meal plan) or expenses other than tuition. Only students to whom these circumstances apply receive a Form 1042-S. The original Form 1042-S is mailed to your home address, but a copy can be requested by contacting the DePauw Business Office.

W-2: Each employer you work for, including DePauw, must issue a Form W-2 to report to both you and to the government any income it paid to you in exchange for employment throughout the year. This is taxable income.

1099: This form is used to report any "miscellaneous" income paid to you by DePauw or another employer. For example: Prize money awarded from an art competition. This is taxable income.

**If you do not have a Social Security Number (have not yet had a job in the US) but DID RECEIVE A FORM 1042-S that reports taxable scholarship you received in the most recent tax year (grant awarded for on campus research, financial award for being an RA, Mentor or Ambassador, etc.), you will need to visit an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office in Indianapolis or another nearby city in person to apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Learn more about requirements and applying for an ITIN as an international student or scholar here.

Every spring semester, International Student Services provides students and scholars with access to Sprintax, a tax preparation software designed specifically for you. The link to the Sprintax login page can be found below. Please note that the login password changes on a yearly basis and will be share with you by ISS in the Spring (during in-person tax workshops for students on campus; recent graduates and current students studying off-campus will receive this information by email). ISS will host tax workshops in the spring semester when you can complete your tax software, receive general information about tax requirements, and ask questions.

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