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Programs & Resources

University Events

Each year, DePauw faculty and staff help bring several speakers and artists that continue to celebrate the identities of our community and challenge us to learn more about ourselves and each other. DePauw's Univerity's events can be found on the University Calendar or on Campus Labs. When on campus labs, refine your search by selecting a "theme" to find specific events geared toward the many identities on campus. You can find faculty sponsored lectures on the University calendar.

Connections Mentors

The Connections Mentors Program is committed to providing intentional support for first year students from underrepresented communities specifically in their personal, social and academic transitions at DePauw University. As they prepare to navigate the university during their first year, Connections Mentors aim to serve as an upperclass peer resource and support to assist them on their journey.  Learn more about the Connections Mentor Program >>>

Multicultural Advisory Boards

Multicultural Advisory board meets once a month and serves as a student advisory board that reviews and provides suggestions to address systemic inequality. Students interested in serving on this board are asked to email CDI@depauw.edu. The Multicultural Student Advisory board strives to have a minimum of two class representatives of every class.