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Summer Internship Grant Program

The Hubbard Center Summer Internship Grant Program is one of DePauw’s trademark programs to help students prepare for their future. The program provides partial support for students for unpaid internships that are secured in non-profit, government, and start-up environments (locally, nationally, or internationally). Internships supported by this competitive program will provide a learning experience that connects full-time summer work to individual academic and professional goals. Selected students will receive living wage grants to help support them for the summer during the internship.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Internship offer must already be secured prior to application
  • Internship must be at least 8 weeks long and over 300 hours
  • Internship employer must not be a family member
  • Internship can not duplicate a past experience
  • Internship cannot be a remote or virtual experience
  • Internship cannot be with a "pay to play" program.
  • Applicant must currently be a full-time student and will return to DePauw University's campus the following fall semester.
  • Start-Up Employer Requirements: The employer must be in business fewer than 8 years, no more than two students can be funded per start-up

*The internship must be registered for ES credit prior to Summer Grant Application.*

The application and budget sheet are available in Horizons. For more information contact Chris Klein, Assistant Director for Off-Campus Internships at the Hubbard Center adviser, or 765.658.4569.

Grant Recipient Statistics

Recipients Class Year Locations


Recipients increase over 3 years.


Class year breakdown bar chart


Recipients interned in a variety of locations.

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 Summer Grant Recipient Profiles

Learn more by reading the Summer Internship Grant Recipients'  profiles!

Yuka KitajimaJorge PuleJessica RuizMary XiaoRachel HanebuttJazzkia Jones

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