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A Capitol Education: C is for Competency - Student Blog by Rachel Hanebutt

June 22, 2014

C is for Competency: Learning how to navigate and own the internship lifestyle
So I landed this awesome internship, and made it through the first couple of weeks ... but now what?  I have started to realize that every experience, especially those like internships, are 100% mine to own.  The ball is officially in my court.  Realistically, I could show up at my job (on time), and do the work expected of me for the next two months and still get a stellar review from my supervisor (thank you Career Services at DePauw), but where is the challenge in that?  The key to real internship success lies in realization of how this internship and your overall experience as an intern is supposed to fit into the grand scheme of things. 

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Hurricane Island - Student Blog by Sarah Burtenshaw

June 22, 2014

Sarah participated in the May Term course Photographing an Island and Its People: Vanalhaven, Maine. This blog post is about her experience:

We started off the day with a lobster parade. We didn’t really have any idea what that meant, but we showed up. It turns out there were plenty of lobster-ing-themed activities, like blessing the fleet, knot tying, dead fish relays (you read that correctly), lobster trap races (where you run across the top of the crates on the water), and my personal favorite, timed trap heading. Apparently to get a lobster trap ready, one must first head the trap. That means putting a bunch of rope and netting in the trap in an extremely particular way. The guy who we watched was first, and he took 13 minutes and 48 seconds.

So yeah, that’s a lot of work. It was $10 an entry, and the winner got to keep the trap.

It’s unbelievable how much we’ve already gotten to know the people on the island. Everywhere we go, we know someone, and the people we don’t know probably related to the people we do know, all of whom are great photo subjects.

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A Capitol Education: B is for Brainstorming - Student Blog by Rachel Hanebutt

June 13, 2014

B is for Brainstorming: Making a first impression, rain or shine

Everyone likes to start off on the right foot and make the right impression, especially when moving to a new place with new people.  As nervous as I was to begin my big summer experience, I was excited to start the internship I had been anticipating since March.

The night before my first day at the Department of Education, I set out my clothes for the morning and was sure to get a good night's sleep.  I had already read through the internship manuals provided to me, and I was confident on where I would need to arrive in the morning, as well as when I would need to leave.  Everything worked out perfectly.  ...

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A Capitol Education - Student Blog by Rachel Hanebutt

June 6, 2014

A is for Attaining: How I landed an internship with the Department of Education

At the beginning of spring semester, I began to look for opportunities for the summer.  I utilized Tiger and simple Google searches to look for internships in my area, and in big cities.  I probably applied to 15 internships before I started hearing back from employers.  Some of their offers were appealing, and some rejections hit me hard, but I knew the right opportunity was out there.  I just had to find it.

I applied to the Department of Education's internship program on a whim, knowing that D.C. internships were highly competitive.  My first mistake of this experience was underestimating my personal skills, resume and professionalism...

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