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Just Do It: Extended Studies - senior reflections blog post by Kandyce Anderson

October 30, 2014

My Extended Studies Experience
Freshman year: On-campus course: Kaffee and Kuchen
Sophomore year: TFA: Four Weeks for America Internship
Junior year: Dance Choreography Workshop
Senior year (forthcoming): DePauw-Kelley Liberal Arts Management Program

I am a graduating senior with a major in Education Studies. I have played my part in the DePauw experience and I have to say that these four years have taught me more about myself than I ever thought I would know.  I have learned that, after I graduate, I want to stay in schools – as a teacher.  My experiences have informed my decision.  In all that I had to come to terms with, one lesson that I want to share is that everything you do is connected; even your Extended Studies experiences. ...

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Why You Should Study Abroad During Your Senior Year - staff blog post by Mandy Brookins Blinn

October 29, 2014

Why you should study abroad in your senior year! 

- Get your foot in the door with INTERNSHIPS! Many international and domestic programs include internships as part of the academic structure of the program. How else do you plan to get that exciting gig at a major PR firm in London, or a non-governmental agency in Buenos Aires? Programs that feature internships not only give you access to some of the most interesting internships abroad, but they will also help you in creating goals, achieving skills, and ultimately a vocabulary for explaining those skills to future employers.

- Closer to graduation = closer to hire: That amazing internship could turn into a job offer at the end of the semester. The best part? ... 

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Summer Internship Grant Program Profile: Shawn Owiredu

October 28, 2014

Name: Shawn Owiredu

Internship Host & Location: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore Maryland

What did your internship entail?  The goal of my summer project was to use emerging Cas9-based gene editing technology to successfully create CD63 knockouts in HEK293 cells.  Cells were screened by immunofluorescence microscopy to determine which clones were CD63 deficient.

How did the Summer Internship Grant Program impact your ability to pursue this opportunity?  Though the internship was unpaid it did not negate the fact that there were costs associated with it like travel costs, rent and general living expenses.  The money from the grant helped cover a lot of these costs.

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Summer Internship Grant Program Profile: Rachel Hanebutt - Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

October 17, 2014

Name: Rachel Hanebutt

How did you learn about this opportunity?  A simple Google search revealed how incredibly easy it was to apply for an internship at the Department of Education.  The DOEd’s unpaid volunteer intern site required a resume, cover letter, and completed application.  I was also asked to preference the specific offices I would be interested in working for.

What did your internship entail?  My internship position required me to research and analyze the High School Longitudinal Survey (HSLS: 2009 and First Follow-Up 2012), a nationally representative survey of high school freshmen.  While a background in Statistics was not required for my internship, it was helpful in learning how to create publications from the survey data.  ...

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Summer Internship Grant Program Profile: Duncan MacMillan - Fattoria Montagliari, Panzano in Chianti, Florence, Italy

October 15, 2014

Name:  Duncan MacMillan

Internship Host & Location:
  Fattoria Montagliari, Panzano in Chianti, Florence, Italy

What did your internship entail?
I was a sales intern who was responsible for selling wine and giving tours of the cellars to the predominantly English-speaking tourists who visited the property.  I also labeled and packaged bottles of wine and olive oil for shipments, and helped out with other aspects of the daily business wherever needed.  Additionally, I helped strengthen the farm’s relations and market outreach to English-speaking clients and tourists. 

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