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Posts occurring in November 2014

Student Research Profile - Prakruthi Suresh

November 19, 2014

Student Research Profile

Name:  Prakruthi Suresh

Research Project & Location: Ecotoxicology study of the effects of Glyphosate on Gray treefrog tadpoles. DePauw University.

Why did you choose to participate in this research?  I plan to get into research after graduate school and I was looking to get some research experience while in college.

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Applications Galore!

November 14, 2014

Senior Reflections post by Kandyce Anderson

Ok, so you’ve worked an internship every summer since freshman year, you’ve participated in that great on-campus organization, you’ve gotten the connections you need, you know the career path you want to take, AND you have your major to support that dream.  Basically, you followed all the rules of the game. So now what? How do you apply all of your experiences toward the next step?

Whatever way you decide to choose, you will always have to sell yourself to a company, an organization, or a fellowship of some sort. This is how it’s going for me... 

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Extended Studies Short-Term Internship Profile: Kaitlin Pickrel

November 12, 2014

Internship Host & Location: CBS Denver - Elaine Torres, Director of Community Relations

How did you learn about this opportunity? I learned about this opportunity through Suzanne Spencer '14 who interned there as well. 

Why were you interested in the position?  I was interested in this position because for one I wanted to spend Winter Term in Denver, and for two I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about the field of community relations in the realm of television. 

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Internship Profile: Grant Walters

November 11, 2014

Name: Grant Walters

Internship Host & Location: Heart Media, via Volunteer Adventure Corps, Cape Town, South Africa

How did you learn about this opportunity? I first learned of VAC through DePauw alum Rob Weidner, who discovered the internship pairing organization two years ago. He had an amazing experience working for a video production company in Cape Town, and blazed the trail for three other Media Fellows to come via VAC. Volunteer Adventure Corps interviews college students from all over the world, and pairs them with an organization that fits their interests and specialties. They also provide 24-hour support, housing, meals, and weekly excursions for the team of interns. 

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Servicio en las Americas Profile: Liz Bjordal

November 7, 2014

Liz Bjordal '14

Extended Studies Course & Location: Servicio en las Americas, Summer 2009

Why did you choose to participate in this program?  During an on-campus interview, a DePauw Admissions Counselor suggested that I apply to the Servicio en las Americas program after I shared that I had taken Spanish in high school. At the time, I was undecided as to what I would major in at DePauw and I had never considered studying abroad, but I applied after she mentioned that the program involved both a domestic and international service-learning aspect. During high school, my teachers had always encouraged me to engage the community through civic action; being able to do so while learning about Ecuadorian culture seemed advantageous.  

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