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Posts occurring in January 2015

Staff Post: Preparing for a Job Fair

January 23, 2015

 Are you wondering whether you should attend a job fair?  Are you unsure of what purpose they serve and how they work?

Wonder no more!  A job fair can be a useful tool for most people who are searching for a job or internship.  You just need to be prepared and go in with realistic expectations.  Prepare by following these steps...

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Off-Campus Study: Nate Fox in Costa Rica

January 22, 2015

Name: Nathaniel Fox

Off-Campus Study Program & Location: ISA San Jose, Costa Rica

What did you study while off-campus? Marine Biology, Ecology and Spanish

How did you connect with your community off-campus?
ISA did service work one time to replant trees and plants in a community park.  I have attended cultural events throughout the city.  For example, I went to meet some Costa Rican friends the last weekend to go to La Festival de Luz, which is sort of similar to the Macy’s parade during Christmas time, but it’s thir own version where different organizations and dancers parade throughout downtown and throw out candy.

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