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Staff Post: Tips for Landing a Great Summer Internship

February 25, 2015

Christine Munn
Coordinator of Employer Relations & Internships 

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of a business to later get a full-time job, and they give you real-life experience that you will never learn in the classroom.  The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that nearly 63 percent of all college graduates in 2014 who secured a job within six months after graduation had at least one internship on their resume. The internship search mirrors the job search process, so learning and practicing the steps to search for an internship will be essential for your job search. Industries have their idiosyncrasies, but if you follow these general steps, you will be much more successful at landing a great summer internship:

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Off-Campus Study: Anna Dehnke in Belfast, Northern Ireland

February 20, 2015

Off-Campus Study Program & Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland – Direct Enroll, Queen’s University Belfast

What did you study while off-campus?

How did you connect with your community off-campus?
Because I only had a student visitor visa, I was unable to volunteer/participate in service projects, as I had hoped.  I connected with the Belfast community through university-led trips and tours around the city and Northern Ireland. 

What was your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience was our first university-led trip to the Giant’s Causeway.  It was the first time I was able to travel around the countryside of Northern Ireland and really be immersed within the landscape.

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Short-Term Internship: Equity Group Investments, Chicago

February 17, 2015

Name: Travis Wegren

Internship Host: Equity Group Investments (EGI), Chicago

How did you learn about this opportunity?
I learned about this opportunity by leveraging a connection that my Dad has to the creative director at Equity Group Investments. After conducting several phone interviews and sending my resume to the organization via email, I secured a position for a Winter Term internship during January 2015.

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Student Post: For Final Winter Term, Something New

February 13, 2015

By Kandyce Anderson

The DePauw Management Accelerator Program, formally known as the DePauw-Kelley Liberal Arts Management Program, became a stepping stone for many participants. The Kelley School of Business professors from Indiana University led the first DePauw cohort in attaining several business foundations: marketing, operations, management, technology and finance. You may have heard about this program from other students. Some say it was hard, a lot of work, intense, [insert something negative here]. But what you won’t hear is that the program wasn’t worth every hour, every penny and every project. Yes, there was work involved. I heard that many of the Winter Term classes on campus infused an increased workload into their schedule.  However, this class was on par with an off-campus study course and the work was intriguing to say the very least.

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Staff Post: What to Expect from a Hubbard Center Peer Adviser

February 12, 2015

By Nick Minich and Karolyn Wojtowicz

Each semester, the Hubbard Center hires students to raise awareness of Hubbard Center projects and initiatives - including, but not limited to, career development, internships and off-campus study. Peer Advisers are DePauw students who have chosen to undertake the task of mentoring and assisting fellow students (you!) to help better prepare you for life after DePauw.  Peer Advisers are leaders on campus and they wish to engage you in your efforts to grow professionally. Seen as additional supportive staff to the team, Peer Advisers perform office hours to help with administrative tasks but are also responsible for developing their own presentations and collaborative resources to help you.

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