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Posts occurring in March 2015

Extended Studies – Perrin Duncan's impact with Timmy Global Health WTIS: Chontapunta Region, Ecuador

March 19, 2015

Name: Perrin Duncan, Sophomore Economics and Studio Art Major

Extended Studies Course & Location: Timmy Global Health Winter Term in Service, Chontapunta Region of Ecuador

Why did you choose to participate in this program?
I chose to participate in this program because it gave me an opportunity to practice my conversational Spanish skills, while learning a little bit about the medical field and immersing myself in Ecuadorian culture.

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Extended Studies: Dan Hickey's Chamber Symphony Tour in Europe Experience

March 13, 2015

Name: Dan Hickey

Extended Studies Course & Location: 
Winter Term 2015 DePauw Chamber Symphony Tour to Oberammergau, Germany and Salzburg and Vienna, Austria

Why did you choose to participate in this program?
This was the second time that the DePauw Chamber Symphony has gotten to go on tour while I’ve been at DePauw. I had such a blast on my first tour two years ago that I had to audition for this one as well. I love Europe, but never would have had the chance to return (at least, not for a very long time) if it hadn’t been for this trip.

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Extended Studies: Madison McIntyre's learning about soccer and society in Italy

March 12, 2015

Extended Studies Course & Location: Architecture of Sport: Soccer & Society in Italy. We traveled to Rome, Perugia and Florence, Italy!

Why did you choose to participate in this program? I choose to participate in this off-campus program because I love to be active and have always wanted to travel to Italy! I learned about the course online through Horizons and then signed up for more information about several trips at the off-campus fair. The goals of the trip were to immerse ourselves in Italy’s rich culture while playing soccer, which I had never done before. It seemed like an exciting experience!

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Student Post: Where in the world a Fulbright can lead you

March 6, 2015

By Kandyce Anderson

The process of applying for a Fulbright, at least for me, was very stressful. However, during the process I realized that I could have taken a deep breath and just strive to do my best. Looking back on it, I may have actually done almost everything the wrong way. I waited to the last minute to start the application, which was the basically the first week of school; I changed my destination in the middle of the process, in about mid-September; and I technically quit and reconsidered before my final interview, in October. Now I, by the grace of God, am a finalist for the Fulbright Scholar Award, an international U.S. ambassador program that allows you to either teach or do research in another country for a year.

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Internship Profile: Yuka Kitajima

March 2, 2015

Name: Yuka Kitajima 

 NPO Ryugaku Fellowship, Osaka, Japan 

How did you learn about this opportunity? A friend of mine founded a nonprofit organization that assists Japanese high school students with American college application process; and he asked me to work with him to host their first academic summer camp for high school students. 

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