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Five ways to make the most of your summer internship!

April 24, 2015

By Christine Munn
Coordinator of Employer Relations & Internships 

Internships are a fantastic way to meet new people, learn more about a particular career field and discover what your possible future career might be! There are a number of things that you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your summer internship ... and if you are conscientious enough, it should be fairly easy to have an enjoyable and enriching experience!  

Staying focused and being proactive are great ways to ensure a good experience, but here are five tips on how to make the greatest impact as an intern and leave with a feeling of accomplishment:

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
Your summer internship will be over before you know it, so it’s important you plan what you want to get out of it.  Work with your supervisor to set learning outcomes/goals prior to starting your internship, so that you know upfront what you want to learn so that you can help tailor the experience to your interests. 

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Prepare this summer to pursue law school in the fall

April 20, 2015

By Deb Jones
Director of Career Services 

Are you interested in applying for law school next fall?  Here are some things you can be doing this summer to prepare:

1) Prepare for and take the LSAT.
The summer date for the LSAT is June 8.  The next date is October 3.  The goal is to prepare well enough to take the LSAT once but it is not unusual for students to take it a second time.  We in the Hubbard Center have some practice resources available to help you prepare in advance of the exam.

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My self-named position at the Hubbard Center

April 17, 2015

In the summer of 2014 I learned that a good job envelops your entire personhood. It adds value to you by giving you more than just another line for your resume. I learned what it means for a job to offer professional development. It is not simply for show to attract new workers, but it is an environment that invests just as much in you as you invest in it. That is the only way I can describe my experience as a peer adviser at the Hubbard Center.

I admit that I have had many experiences in the past but I especially appreciated this job. Although I did a lot of work as a general office worker during the summer, there weren’t many peers for me to advise. With that being said, my work consisted of study abroad program organizing and data management in the Horizons system. I handled applicant documents under confidentiality and I sat in on a lot of meetings.

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Staff Post - Study Abroad: Semester-long vs. short-term

April 15, 2015

By Mandy Brookins Blinn
Director of Off-Campus Study

It is the season for making plans! Faculty-led Extended Studies programs are posted and applications are available on a rolling basis until April 18. There is a wide range of programs and a variety of program fees. All opportunities are truly valuable experiences and it may be hard to pick just one. The Hubbard Center is here to help with sorting out the best reasons to study abroad.

Pros of Winter & May Term Faculty-led Programs:

- Get to Know Your Faculty! Faculty-led programs are great opportunities to get to know your faculty in a very different environment. 

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It is not okay to renege on a job offer

April 10, 2015

As a graduating senior, the springtime usually means that you are busy with your job search. If you receive an offer for a job that you have been waiting for, then all is well, and you will be excited for it.

But oftentimes I talk with students who may have had other interviews and are just as interested in potential offers yet to be received. Many students comment that they will accept their first offer and if another offer comes for a position they are more interested in, they will take it and turn down the first one after already accepting it. One of the worse calls I received while working at DePauw was from a recruiter who had a student renege on an offer that he initially accepted.

Reneging on a job offer is not okay! This approach will have a negative impact in multiple ways...

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