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Posts occurring in March 2016

Summer Internship Grant Program: Brock Turner - Emmis Communications

March 16, 2016

Brock Turner RadioHow did you learn about this opportunity?
I was simply researching companies online over fall break, and came across Emmis. I recognized some of their radio stations, and the position title stuck out. It seemed to fit nicely with my interests. I enjoyed media, helping others and government. After submitting my application online, I ended up receiving an email from what would be my future boss a couple of weeks later. After a phone conversation, I went for a site interview and was offered the position on the spot.

What did your internship entail?
I did a little bit of everything. My day-to-day tasks varied greatly. There were times when my role was primarily research-based, but the most days were spent working on one of three major marketing initiatives we had running.  The majority of my time was spent planning/buying the media and managing the engagement for our biggest initiative—The Institute for Quality Education’s campaign. Engagement events were a way to develop our brand and let parents know who we were. While I didn’t work many of the events, I was able to see the impact we were having on the community. When I wasn’t doing that, I was usually following a manager to client meetings and networking receptions all across the city.

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Off-Campus Study: Bulmaro Espericueta - Chengdu, China

March 14, 2016

Off-Campus Study Program & Location: International Student Association (ISA) – Chengdu, China

What did you study while off-campus?
Upper Beginner Chinese Language Class, Sino-American Relations and 20th Century Chinese History.

How did you connect with your community off-campus?
I best connected with them through informal gatherings such as English corner, Friday dinners at a café close to my dorm and other informal social functions.

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Off-Campus Study: Nick Polanco - Edinburgh, Scotland

March 3, 2016

Nick Polanco - Off-Campus StudyOff-Campus Program & Location: University of Edinburgh, Scotland

What did you study while off-campus?
The courses I took while I was studying at the University of Edinburgh were Introduction to Linear Algebra, Social Anthropology and Modern Scottish History. 

How did you connect with your community off-campus?
The way I interacted with my community while studying abroad was to join clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee, League of Legends, Beer and Brewing and the Exchange 360.

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Extended Studies: Andrea Nunez-Garcia - Winter Term in Service, Cuba

March 1, 2016

WTIS Cuba GroupOff-Campus Study Program and Location: WTIS Health Care and Medical Education in Cuba

What did you study while off-campus??
We studied the health care system in Cuba and the impact of US-Cuba political relations on the healthcare system and public health system. We compared the health care system, its philosophy, and the foundation on which it was built to that of the United States. We attempted to define what health was in Cuba while analyzing the strong holistic and preventative approach and the community-based system. We also were able to visit multiple health care facilities and talk to medical professionals at each location; we visited a maternity home, an HIV/Aids center, a geriatric center, the medical school for international students, a pharmaceutical company and the center for national sex education. 

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