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DePauw Innovations

Providing student, alumni, and faculty startups the resources they need to successfully shape the future



Introducing DePauw Innovations, the university's first startup incubator and venture fund. Our goal is to continue building on DePauw's rich entrepreneurial history by helping its students, alumni, and professors grow their ideas from startup to the next billion dollar success!

If you have a startup idea and are interested in becoming a part of DPi please apply.

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General Inquiries

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Venture Consultants


What is a DPi Venture Consultant?

A DPi Venture Consultant is a DePauw student, alumni, or faculty member who has a business-critical skill or experience (e.g. app development, website building, etc.) and is willing to use their expertise to partner with and help a DPi startup. 

Why should you apply to be a DPi Venture Consultant?

Venture Consultants are the backbone of DePauw Innovations helping companies to grow and ultimately achieve success. DPi Venture Consultants have the opportunity to contribute and gain marketable skills while working alongside students and alumni to build their companies! 

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 Kinder Jones, President and Co-Founder

Kinder Jones, Co-Founder and Alumni Advisor

 Steven Fouty, Managing Director        

Steve Fouty, Managing Director and Co-Founder