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Facilities at the Prindle Institute include:

Public spaces:

  • Prindle Auditorium with seating for 113

  • Great Room with conversational areas, arranged around a large fireplace, designed for relaxed discussion and conversation (Great Room may also be used for meals, with a seating capacity of 80.)

  • Three conference rooms with chairs around a table, seating 20 each

  • Courtyard for receptions and conversation

  • Fire pit for informal gatherings

  • Additional spaces for study, small group discussion, and informal interactions

  • Kitchen facilities

Administrative and Office area:

  • Offices for Prindle staff, DePauw faculty, visiting faculty and student interns.

  • The Wood library that includes a sampling of books written by Prindle scholars and visitors, as well as ethics-related works by DePauw faculty members and Institute publications

Meeting space capacity:
Conference Room 135 (South): 20
Conference Room 138 ( North): 20
Conference Room 152: 20 - 24 (flexible arrangement)
Auditorium: 113

Dining space capacity: 
Private Dining: 20 
Private Dining: 20 
Great Room: 80 - 100 (10-top round tables)