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Reach Sculpture

Reach was DePauw’s first outdoor public sculpture to be installed on campus. Originally located between the Admissions Office and East College, Reach can now be found near the entrance to Prindle. Inspired by the flatness of the Midwestern landscape and its many grain silos, Reach contrasts the curvilinear decorativeness of Warwick’s European homeland with the stark straight edges of America’s cityscapes. Generous support from Mr. William M. Horne '42 and Mrs. Alice (Hobart) Horne '45 made the 1997 acquisition possible.

Mark Warwick, and English-born artist, uses Cor-ten steel for his sculptures. The steel rusts over time and helps Warwick relate his theme of change. The rusting process is representative of the ever-changing world around us.

"I came in search of an architecture which was far less encumbered, preferring the firm, straight edges that predominate American cityscapes over the curvilinear decorativeness of Europe. My current work reflects the essence of American cities, yet the curves and inconsistencies relate to the human element contained in these buildings. My concern is to produce an architecture in which no one lives--a sculpture."
-Mark Warwick