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Prindle Prizes 2017-2018

Awarding students and faculty for exceptional work related to ethical inquiry

Submissions for all 2017-2018 Prindle Prizes are now closed. Please bookmark this page for next year if you're interested in submitting future coursework.

These prizes are awarded to DePauw students for meritorious course work that speaks to issues of ethical concern. They are divided across broad education categories so that every class a DePauw student takes is an opportunity to be acknowledged and honored for thoughtfully thinking through the ethical dimensions of the course topic. If you have questions about where your course might fit with these prizes, don’t hesitate to ask: Click here to submit!

Up to three prizes will be awarded per category. Each prize winner will receive a $300 honorarium.


    Awarded to the best paper written for a humanities class that speaks to an issue of ethical concern. Papers must be written for a course taken in the current academic year (this includes summer work prior to the fall semester).

  2. STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) RESEARCH/PAPER PRIZE

    Awarded to the best project in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math that has implications for or directly speaks to an issue of ethical concern.


    Awarded to the best Social Science project that has implications for an issue of ethical concern.


    Awarded to a visual, performing, or literary art project that is related to an issue of ethical concern. This category is broadly construed to include music, theater, painting/drawing, sculpture, photograph, and creative writing.


    Awarded to a student who develops an innovative piece of technology that is related to an issue of ethical concern. Possible entries might include mobile apps, web apps, or engineered physical products.  Design plans for physical products that are part of a course project are welcome.

  6.  FIRST YEAR SEMINAR PRIZE (fall semester only)

    Awarded to First-Year students based on papers and projects completed in their seminar. The submission must be from current first-years.


    Awarded to students who demonstrate thorough and thoughtful reflection and analysis of an ethics issue in their project or thesis.

Submission requirements:
Must be an assignment from from the semester in which you submit (i.e. fall submissions need to be from fall semester courses of the current academic year, and spring submissions from spring semester courses of the current academic year).

In addition to your paper or project, you will also submit either an ethics abstract or ethics statement. Please read below to determine which your paper or project will require.


    • If the paper or project explicitly includes ethical reflection or obviously discusses an ethics issue (e.g. a paper on moral philosophy, public policy, a social justice issue, etc.), please include a 250-500 word abstract that summarizes the ethical dimension of the paper.


    • If the paper or project does not explicitly involve moral reflection or discuss an ethical issue (i.e. a science research project, a computer science assignment, a painting, a sculpture, etc.), please include an addendum of up to 1000 words in which you explain how ethics relates to the project. For example, you might wish to highlight the moral implications of your research project, or explain how your artwork communicates a message relating to ethics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about the abstract/addendum requirement.

The Fall semester deadline is December 18, 2017 and the Spring semester deadline is May 3, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a prize reception each semester, or only in the spring?

There is only one Prindle Prize reception, and it will be held on May 12, 2018. We have two deadlines, one in the fall and one in the spring, to ensure that assignments from the fall semester don't have an unfair advantage over the spring semester.

When should I expect to hear back about my coursework submission?

Since submissions will be accepted until May 3, 2018, we will not have winners selected until after the deadlines. You will be notified in early May if your project was selected for a Prindle Prize. All winners will be invited to the Prindle Prize Reception, which will take place on May 12, 2018.

Does my submission for a Coursework Prize have to be from a DePauw class from this year?

Yes, Prindle Coursework Prizes need to be from a DePauw course from the 2017-2018 school year. Fall submissions need to be from fall semester courses. Spring submissions need to be from spring semester courses.

How do group submissions work for Coursework Prizes? 

Good question. Students are welcome to submit their group projects together, and the honorarium will be shared between the recipients. However, if just one person wants to submit a group assignment, the following rules apply:

  • If the group project focuses specifically on an issue of ethics (and thus requires only a brief ethics statement), then the prize goes to the group.

  • If the group project does not deal explicitly with ethics (and thus requires an ethics statement of up to 1000 words analyzing the ethical issue), then the prize goes to the student(s) who reflected on the ethical issue in the ethics statement.