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2016-2017 Prindle Prize Recipients

The Prindle Prize Competition engages the campus community in reflection and discussion about ethics issues. Prindle Prizes reward DePauw students for excellent projects that speak to issues of ethical concern.


Madeline Smith, “The Ease of Rewriting History: Drewe’s Insidious Crime”
Course Name: UNIV 291B: Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo, Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art
Professor: Craig Hadley

Midori Kawaue, “The Cartography of Conflict: Mapping the French Memory of the Battle of Yorktown”
Course Name: HIST 362: Voices of a Revolution
Professor: David Gellman

Kelsie Roberton, “The Ethics of Plants”
Course Name: Environmental Ethics
Professor: Jen Everett


Elisabeth Wilson, “Legislators as Peer Reviewers: How legislators influence scientific research produced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)”
Course Name: SOC410A
Professor: Alicia Suarez

Molly Madden, “Ecofeminist Eating: Consuming with a Consciousness”
Course Name: Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism
Professor: Christina Holmes

Rebecca Conley, “Minimum Wage”
Course Name: ECON 480: Senior Seminar
Professor: Jeffrey Gropp


Julia Reinke, “Potential Stem Cell Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis”
Course Name: Discovery Process
Professor: Pascal Lafontant

Taras Tataryn, “An Ethical Analysis of Phishing Research”
Course Name: UNIV 298: Security and Usability Readings Course
Professor: Dave Berque

Makena Barickman, “Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than They Appear”
Course Name: Writing in Computer Science
Professor: Dave Berque

VISUAL, LITERARY and performing ARTS

Haley Allaben “Unknown Still”
Course Name: Introduction to Creative Writing
Professor: Brenden Willey

Katherine Bender, “I am not who they say I am”
Course Name: Literature: Visual and Digital
Professor: Elizabeth Eslami

Odessa Fernandes, “Discovering Self”
Course Name: English 412A
Professor: Eugene Gloria

First year seminar

Linh Lam, “Do policies for economic development help raise the living standard?”
Course Name: Cultures and Climate
Professor: Mona Bahn

Joevita Weah, “A Self-Actualizing Career”
Course Name: Climate Change and Philosophy
Professor: Richard Cameron


Mary Reising, “Locked Up then Locked Out: Reentry Programming and Women’s Post-Carceral Success”
Professor: Alicia Suarez

Lois Miller, “Reaching Further: The Role of Distance in College Undermatching”
Professor: Humberto Barreto

Maggie Wetzel, “Invisible Violence: An Analysis of Femicide in Indiana from Domestic Violence Homicide Statistics”
Professor: Rebecca Bordt

Katherine Bender, “Influence of Appearance-Based Judgments of Guilt or Innocence in the Judicial System”
Professor: Susanne Biehle