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Social Entrepreneurship

Supporting Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs

If you want to start a venture and have demonstrated a commitment to serious ethical reflection and deliberation, then the Prindle Institute wants to help support you.

ventures supported

  • Nonprofits

  • For-profits with a social mission

  • For-profits with founders who have dedicated themselves to ethical reflection while at DePauw

planning Grants

Planning grants are small grants that give students the freedom to think about, research, and develop their idea no matter how far along they are in their thinking. This is for students in the very early stages of planning. We want you to be able to spend time doing the research and thinking about what you need to do, and then be able to figure out what your next steps would be.  You will work at DePauw to develop your idea, create a business plan, and learn about the key ethical issues that any entrepreneur should be prepared to grapple with. 

General Information/Qualifications

  • The venture must fall under one of the following three categories:
  1. Nonprofit venture - Student wants to start a 501(c)(3) company.
  2. For-profit with social mission - Student wants to start a for-profit company that builds giving back into its mission (e.g. Tom’s Shoe company which donates a pair of shoes for every pair it sells).
  3. For-profit with founder that demonstrates commitment to ethical reflection - Student wants to start a standard for-profit company, but also has demonstrated a sincere commitment to ethical reflection. 
  • You will submit a mid and end of summer report.

  • You will be required to choose a mentor and regularly meet with her/him.

Ethics Training

Success in business is strongly correlated with a capacity to grapple with tough moral dilemmas. Prindle will help you get the training you need to succeed.


Entrepreneurs face very unique challenges. The McDermond Center is partnering with Prindle to provide you with the resources you need to be prepared for those challenges.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Director of the Prindle Institute, Andy Cullison (