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Ethics Scholarships

The Prindle Institute for Ethics awards scholarships to students who have demonstrated a strong aptitude for thinking about ethics and the critical issues of our time.

Scholarship Guidelines:

Recipients must incorporate an ethics education component into their curricular or co-curricular plans at DePauw.

There is no separate application process. All DePauw applicants will be evaluated to determine if they might be good candidates for this scholarship, but applicants may indicate in their application that they would like to be considered. If you would like to indicate your interest in the scholarship when you apply, simply do so in the additional information section in your application. You may also email the director of the Prindle Institute to indicate your interest.  

Prindle Institute Ethics Scholarships are renewable each year for a total of four years contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

  1. Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  2. Complete TWO of the following each academic year:
  • Take an ethics course
    • Take an ethics-related course or two Prindle ¼-credit ethics reading courses. Here is a sample of courses at DePauw with significant ethics components. There are likely other courses that have significant ethics components that are not on this list. If you would like the Prindle Institute to consider adding a course to this list, please email the director of the Prindle Institute.
  • Work at Prindle
    • Be a Prindle Intern or a Prindle Post staff writer. Receiving the Prindle Ethics Scholarship does not guarantee employment at Prindle. Students must go through the ordinary intern application procedures.
  • Join an Ethics Bowl Team
  • Attend Prindle events
    • Attend half of all Prindle hosted events each year and write a review for the director. This amounts to approximately 3-4 events a semester. You can learn about upcoming events here. We update this page frequently, so please check it regularly for the latest information.
  • Submit to the Prindle Prizes contest or Undergraduate Ethics Symposium
    • Submit a course paper for Prindle Prize consideration or the Undergraduate Ethics Symposium. Your paper does not need to win a prize or be accepted for inclusion in the symposium. It just needs to be sufficiently ethics oriented, and it will be independently assessed for that. 
  • Conduct ethics-related research
    • Work with a faculty member on a research project with a significant ethics component. Independent studies with ethics components also qualify.
  • Conference presentation or publication

Custom Plan 

There are a variety of ways not listed above that might indicate a student's commitment to incorporating ethics into their time at DePauw. Students may also meet with the director to explore other ways in which their commitment to ethics might be satisfied from year to year. Recipients may email the director of the Prindle Institute to set up an appointment to develop a custom plan.