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Alumni Spotlight

Past Prindle Interns talk about how ethics influence their every day lives.

Check out some of the amazing people that were once Prindle Interns! They are living examples of just how important ethical considerations are in everyday lives.

Understanding ethics and their impact on society is a key component to success in a globalized world. These alumni are here to show you why!

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Field of Work

Rebecca Hruska '10: From Farms to Dove--Chocolate and Ethics

Marketing Manager for Dove Chocolatiers

Paige Penrod '10: At the Intersection of Ethics and Medicine


Rahul Abhyankar '11: Why Ethics is More Than Just "Law"


Jessica Au '11: Altruism, Autonomy, and Integrity in Nursing


Jennifer Behrens '11: Moving Towards Society's Potential


Elias Oziolor '12: Objectivity of Research

Graduate Student of Biomedical Studies

Marisa Rouse '12: Importance of Equality in Education

Current Law Student and Past Corps Member at Teach for America

Molly Sender '12: Necessity of Acceptance in the Workplace

Project Manager for Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Mohammad Usman '12: Research on Biomedical Ethics 

Research Assistant in Biomedical Ethics at UVA's Medical School

Christina Wildt '13: Human Impact on the Natural World

Marketing Coordinator/Sustainability Analyst

Katie Aldrich '12: Multinationals and Labor Standards

Student of International Relations at University of Denver

Paromita Sen '12: Balancing Professional Roles and Activist Roles

 PhD Candidate at the University of Virginia's Politics Department

Garth Synnestvedt ‘14: Dilemmas of Teaching English in a Foreign Country

English Teacher in Taiwan

Hallie Moberg Brauer ‘11: Higher Education and Critical Thinking

Administrator at Northwestern University

Lauren Lefebvre ‘09: Patient Treatment in America


Rachel Hanebutt '15: Resolving gender-based violences, harassment, and relationship abuse

Co-founder and CEO of Confi, LLC

Nicki Hewell '11: Public Interest Law

Associate Attorney

Rebecca Hruska '10 -- Marketing Manager for Dove Chocolate

1) What are you doing now?

I am a marketing manager for Dove Chocolate Discoveries, a division of Mars, Inc. (the people who make America's favorite candy :) M&Ms, Snickers. etc.)

2) How do issues of ethics and values enter into your professional role?

Ethics and values enter my role quite a bit. As a chocolate company, there's an ever-present issue of health and education. There's also the issue of cocoa farming sustainability, so in all of our manufacturing and marketing decisions, we have to consider the impact of our business.

3) What societal ethics issues are most important for us to address and why?

Sustainability is huge for me because most other issues become irrelevant if our planet is unable to sustain life (or we have increasing conflict, war, suffering over increasingly limited resources). Protecting the planet and being efficient in our allocation and use of all resources is paramount.