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Christina Weldt '13

Marketing Coordinator/Sustainability Analyst

1) What are you doing now?

I currently work as the Marketing Coordinator/Sustainability Analyst at an incredible woman-owned environmental consulting firm in Indianapolis called KERAMIDA, Inc. I just finished my MS in environmental policy from Bard College in New York. My graduate thesis was titled "Assessing Wastewater Management in the Craft Beer Industry". This summer, I have a fellowship with the Environmental Defense Fund called the EDF Climate Corp. I am placed at Dartmouth College, and my project will focus on energy supply, distribution, and management issues on campus, encompassing the possibilities of onsite renewables and distributed generation. After the fellowship, I will return to Indianapolis to work at KERAMIDA and apply my new skills to help our clients improve their energy management strategies.

2) Did your experience as a Prindle Intern influence your career choice, graduate studies, travels, etc.?

Prindle absolutely influenced my decision to go to graduate school and my current career path. By helping me to understand the importance of evaluating the ethics of my decisions and path in life, Prindle influenced me to chase a career that is focused on improving the way that humans and companies impact the the natural world.


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