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Hallie Moberg Brauer ‘11

Administrator at Northwestern University

1) What are you doing now?

After graduation I spent a year living and teaching English in France, which was an outstanding experience I would never exchange. I currently work at Northwestern University in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, while I am working on master's degree in Higher Education Administration at Loyola University Chicago.

2) Did your experience as a Prindle Intern influence your career choice, graduate studies, travels, etc.?

My experience at Prindle was absolutely wonderful- and I left there with the ability to think critically about any issue that might come up, and how that issue might have ethical implications for the people involved. I also am excited for a career in higher education so that I can work in institutions of higher education and continue to challenge students to think critically and to seek out experiences like those I had while working at Prindle.


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