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Katie Aldrich '12

Student of International Relations

1) What are you doing now?

Studying international relations at the University of Denver/Sitting in a hostel with wifi filling out this survey :)

2) What sorts of ethical dilemmas have you encountered, or sought to resolve, in your career or studies?

Most of my papers have focused on the role of corporations in international development. With fragmented supply chains and lack of international regulations, multinationals have little incentives to behave ethically, and they generally care little about equity and labor standards unless pressured by grassroots organizations.

3) Did your experience as a Prindle Intern influence your career choice, graduate studies, travels, etc.?

The Prindle internship and the fellowship as well, strongly shaped my interest in leadership ethics, business ethics, and social movements in society. I was not very exposed to these topics in math and science classes at DPU, and this exposure strongly shaped my professional interests post college.


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