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Graduate Fellows

The Prindle Graduate Fellows are recent DePauw graduates and former Prindle Interns who work on staff full-time for a period of one to two years to assist Prindle permanent staff, organize events for the institution, conduct research, and oversee the Prindle interns.

Current Graduate Fellows

Conner Gordon

eleanor price

Past Graduate Fellows

sharon Maes (2015-2017)

sandra bertin (2015-2017)

Jacquelyn Stephens (2014-2016)

Camille Veri  (2014-2015)

Katie Aldrich (2013-2014)

Nicki Hewell (2011-2013)

Nick Casalbore (2008-2009)

Paddy McShane (2007-2008)


Learn more about the Graduate Fellow position and how to apply here.