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What Can I Do With A Black Studies Degree?:

700 Answers 

5th Edition 

Robert Fikes, Jr., Librarian Emeritus

San Diego State University  



The interdisciplinary field of Blacks Studies—alternatively called African American Studies, Afro-American Studies, Africana Studies, Pan African Studies, or Black World Studies, depending on the school where it is offered---is a relative newcomer on the academic scene and its proponents have had to defend its theoretical underpinnings and practicality, something which the traditional liberal arts fields are also challenged to do but not to the same extent. Since the establishment of the nation’s first Black Studies department in 1968 at San Francisco State University, and despite the wide acceptance and institutionalization of Black Studies in academia, there still remains the nagging question about its ability to produce outstanding citizens equal in quality to individuals who as undergraduates majored in, say, history or English or art. Black Studies has now been around long enough to notice its handiwork: men and women constructively contributing to society, employed in a wide variety of professions.

It is a difficult task to compile a list of noteworthy people who majored in Black Studies because there are so many who could easily qualify. This list merely scratches the surface. Black Studies attracts a broad spectrum of interested scholars. Not only persons of African descent, but also persons of European, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, and Native American descent are represented in the list. Some of those mentioned are virtually household names or have received considerable local or regional attention.  It is interesting to note which schools have produced large numbers of high achievers on the list, and rather surprising to learn that many medical professionals first earned degrees in Black Studies.  Professions range from A (Astronaut) to Z (Zoo administrator). In short, the answer to those asking what can a person do with a Black Studies major is simple: . . . . Anything!

Everyone on this list completed a degree in Black Studies. Most of the entries contain a one-line summary of the person’s occupation, the type of degree obtained in Black Studies (typically the bachelor’s degree) and the school at which it was obtained, and additional (usually graduate) degrees in other disciplines which the person was granted.  Broad headings under which persons are listed are:                    


Medicine & Health                                    3

Science & Technology                              9

Law & Criminal Justice                           10

Politics and Government                          15

Business, Industry, Labor                         19

Performing Arts & Entertainment            26

Visual & Decorative Arts                         30

Literature, Poetry, Drama                         33

Sports                                                        35

Education                                                 38 

News Media & Publishing                       47         

Social & Community Services                 50

Religion                                                    55

Miscellaneous                                           57  



Medicine & Health

Jihaad Abdul-Majid…….Dentist, owner of Premier Dental, PLLC. In Kentucky and Tennessee.

B.S., University of Louisville. DDM., University of Kentucky.

Abigail Aiyepola…….Naturopathic physician, midwife, consultant in Washington, D.C.

B.S., University of Maryland-Baltimore County. N.D., Bastyr University.

Lydia Alexander-Cook…….Pediatrician and President of Summa Physician Inc.

B.A., Brandeis University. M.D., SUNY-Upstate Medical Center.


Beverly Allen,,,,,,,Psychiatrist (board certified in child and adolescent psychiatry), Secretary of Black Psychiatrists of America.

B.A., Amherst College. M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine.


Johnnie Allen…….Health Equity Coordination, Ohio Department of Health; former President of the Board of Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE).

B.A., B.S., The College of Wooster. MPH, Tulane University.


Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha…….Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine.

B.A., B.S., Rutgers University. MPH, George Washington University. Ph.D., University of Mayland.


Edmund Anstey…….Senior Resident in internal medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

B.A., Washington University (summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa). M.D., Harvard University.


Augustine N. Armstrong…….Chief Environmental Health Specialist at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

B.A., California State University at Long Beach. M.P.H., Trident University International.


Jasmine Austrie…….Clinical Research Assistant at FIRST Program, Department of Surgery, Boston area hospitals.

B.A., Bowdoin College (minor in biology).


Kezia Barnett…….Clinical Research Coordinator at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

B.A., Temple University. MPH, George Washington University.


Jessica Ingram-Bellamy…….Director of Communication & Partnership, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Alcohol Control.

B.A., Cornell University. M.S., Columbia University.


Justin E. Bird…….Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston).

B.A., Cornell University. M.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York University).



Rhea Boyd…….Pediatrician at Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

B.A., University of Notre Dame. M.D., Vanderbilt University.


Konju Briggs Jr…….Occupational Therapist at Village Child Development Institute, Inc.

M.A., New York University. M.S. in occupational therapy at Columbia University.


Ryan Brown…….Environmental health and safety specialist, Insite manager at Clean Harbors.

B.A., Rutgers University. Ph.D. in biomedical infomatics, Rutgers University.


Aaron Brumfield…….Chiropractor, Brumfield Sports and Family Chiropractic Cent

B.A., California State University at Northridge. D.C., Cleveland College of Chiropractic-L.A.


Imhotep Carter…….Medical Director at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women.

B.A., Duke University. M.D., University of Illinois.


Jacques Charles…….Chiropractor.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. D.C., Southern California Univ. of Health Sciences.


Jessica Coleman…….Sexual Health Educator at Highland Family Planning (Rochester, New York)

B.A., SUNY-New Paltz


Megan L. Comfort…….Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California at San Francisco.

B.A., Wellesley College. Ph.D., London School of Economics and Political Science.


Joy A. Cooper…….Physician (obstetrics/gynecology) at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California.

A. B., Harvard University. M.D., Howard University.


Raniyah Copeland…….CEO of the Black AIDS Institute.

B.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Rushelle Jones Cyrus…….Obstetrician in Germantown, Tennessee .

B.A., Duke University. M.D., University of Tennessee.


Sarah Davis…….Midwife (certified and licensed), co-founder of Birth Roots Women’s Health and Maternity Center in San Diego, California.

B.A., Cal Poly-Pomona.


Andrea Dean…….Physician; Assistant Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

B.A., Luther College. M.D., Brown Medical School.


Joseph DeJames…….Director of Myrah Keating Health Center (Virgin Islands)

B.A., Boston College. M.D., SUNY-Buffalo.


William E. Dingus…….Dentist. Board certified specialist in orthodontics in private practice in Newark, New York.

B.A., University of Washington, 1979. D.M.D., University of Pennsylvania.


Nonkulie Dladla…….Doctor of Internal Medicine at Park Slope Family Health Center.

B.A., Oberlin College. M.D. Cornell University.


Candace Lee Edwards…….Podiatrist

B.A., University of Missouri. M.S., Hampton University. D.P.M., Barry University.


Taiwona L. Elliott…….Physician. Professor and administrator at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

B.A., University of North Carolina. D.O., Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Gerald Fitts…….Mental health technician at Hillcrest Behavioral Health Services (Birmingham).

B.A., Berea College. M.S.W., Howard University.


Billy Ray Flowers…….Chiropractor. First black chiropractor in the state of Oregon.

B.A., Western Washington State University. D.C., Western States Chiropractic College.


Tyeese Gaines-Reid…….Osteopath, medical journalist, practitioner of emergency medicine.

B.S., Northwestern University. D.O., Nova Southeastern University.


Kayoll V. Galbraith…….Nurse leader scholar at Jonas Center {New York City) and doctoral student in nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

B.A., SUNY-Binghamton.(BSN, RN). M.P.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Travis A. Gayles…….Pediatrician. Instructor at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

B.A., Duke University. M.D. and Ph.D., University of Illinois.


Thomas A. Gondre-Lewis……Program and project officer at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

B.A., Oberlin College. Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology at Virginia Commonnwealth University School of Medicine.


Otis T. Gordon…….Gastroenterologist at Saint Vincent Health System (Little Rock, Arkansas).

B.A., Washington University. M.D., Emory University School of Medicine.


Brian L. Harper…….Medical Director of Academic Health Care Centers (NYIT)

B.A., Brown University. M.D., SUNY-Health Science Center.


Orlando Harris…….Family nurse practitioner in New York, instructor, laboratory director.

B.A., SUNY-Binghamton. RN and Ph.D. in nursing at the University of Rochester.


Janice Herbert-Carter…….Physician; Medical education professor at Morehouse School of Medicine.

B.A., Princeton University. M.D., Howard University College of Medicine.


Senta Hutchinson…….Veterinarian at the VCA McClave Animal Hospital.

B.A., Columbia University. D.V.M., University of Wisconsin.


Maikha Jean-Baptiste…….Physician practicing family medicine.

B.A., Amherst College. M.D., Tufts University School of Medicine.


Bianca M. Jones…….Licensed clinical psychologist treating prison inmates, employed by California Correctional Health Care Services.

B.A., Miami University. PsyD., Xavier University.


Samantha Keat…….Veterinarian at San Carlos Pet Hospital in California.

B.A., New York University. D.V.M., Tufts University.


Senai Kidane…….Emergency room doctor at Oakland Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California.

B.A., UCLA. M.D., University of Michigan.


Daniel Kifle…….Licensed EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in California.



Marshall N. Leonard…….Emergency medicine physician in New York.

B.A., University of Virginia. M.D. SUNY-Stony Brook.


Richard Lyn-Cook…….Physician. Co-authored article in the Journal of Neuroscience. Co-president of his medical school class and active in social and professional groups.

B.A., Yale University, 1992. M.D., Yale Medical School.   


L. Dawn Mandeville…….Physician, Atlanta Gynecology & Obstetrics.

B.A., Wellesley College, M.D., Morehouse School of Medicine.


Robert J. MacEachern…….President of the Board of Directors of Codman Square Heath Center in Dorchester, Massachusetts

B.A., University of Massachusetts-Boston.


L. Dawn Mandeville…….Obstetrician in Atlanta, Georgia.

B.A., Wellesley College. M.D., Morehouse School of Medicine.


Nicole Maddox…….Health Care Consultant (self-employed).

B.A., Wellesley College. Ph.D., Universita Commercial (Italy).


Keith D. Mcgruder…….Dentist, owner of Just Smiles Dental in Reno, Nevada.

B.A., San Francisco State University. D.D.S., University of Detroit.


Lorna McNeill…….Chair of the Department of Health Disparities at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

B.A. and MPH, University of North Carolina. Ph.D., St. Louis University.


Tracye L. McQuirter…….Public health and nutrition expert, book author, editor, lecturer.

B.A., Amherst College. M.P.H., New York University.


James G. Minnis…….Surgeon at Prima Medical Group in California.

B.A., UCLA. M.P.H., University of Southern California. M.D., Meharry Medical College.


Edward Mtui…….Physician (radiologist) at Bay State Medical Center..

B.A., Cornell University. M.D., Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center.


Ronald V. Myers Sr…….Family medicine doctor, musician, Baptist minister, social activist.

B.A. and M.D., University of Wisconsin.


Kimberly C. Narain…….Internal medicine physician at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

B.A., UCLA. M.D., Morehouse School of Medicine.


Cassandra Newkirk…….Forensic psychiatrist. Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Correct Care Recovery Solutions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

B.A., Duke University. MBA, Regis University. M.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Nana A. Ofosu-Benefo…….Clinical Dietitian and Morrison Healthcare.

B.A., Oberlin College. M.S. in nutrition and public health, Columbia University.


Gbolahan O. Okubadejo…….Orthopedic Surgeon at The Institute for Comprehensive Spire Care.

B.A., Brown University. M.D., Johns Hopkins University.


Tineka Pace…….Registered Nurse, medical unit manager.

B.A., B.S.N., University of Buffalo.


Ranna I. Parekh…….Psychiatrist. Practices child and adult psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Also clinical instructor at the Harvard Medical School.

B.S., M.D., Wayne State University.


Naudia Pickens…….Psychiatrist and instructor at the Florida Academy of Nursing.

B.A., Harvard University. M.D., Michigan State University.


Bridget Porter…….Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Detroit, Michigan.

B.A., Indiana University.


Tina Prather…….Humana Associate Medical Director.

B.A., Wellesley College. M.D., Albany Medical College.


Kevin F. Purcell…….Physician; Resident at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

B.A., SUNY-New Platz. M.P.H., SUNY-Downstate Medical Center. M.D., Wright State University.


Murisiku Raifu…….Neurosurgeon.at ProMed Spine (California)

B.A., Amherst College. M.D., University of Minnesota Medical School.


Anastasia Rowland-Seymore…….Physician. Director of GIM Program and Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

B.A., Amherst College. M.D., Columbia University Medical School.


Stella A. Safo…….Physician (internal medicine), Montefiore Medical Center.

B.A. and M.D. at Harvard University.


Shonali Saha…….Primary care, internal medicine doctor.

B.A., Columbia University. M.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine.


Pamela Sutton-Wallace…....CEO of University of Virginia Medical Center.

B.A., Washington University. M.P.H., Yale University.


Neo Tapela…….Doctor of Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, instructor at Harvard University.

B.A., Wellesley College. M.D., Harvard University.


Didra Brown Taylor…….Health investigator, focusing on beauty shops and barber shops. Worked at Rand Corporation and UCLA Medical School.

B.A, University of the Pacific. M.P.H., Charles Drew University. Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology.


Claudia L. Thomas…….Physician. The first black female orthopedic surgeon in the U.S.

B.A., Vassar College. M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical School.


Anastasia Thomas-Lewis…….Podiatrist. Practice in Athens, Georgia.

B.A., Cornell University. DPM. New York College of Podiatric Medicine.


Kara Toles…….Physician at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California.

B.A., Pomona College. M.D., University of California at Davis.


Edmund Tori…….Osteopath, Director of Presence (MedStar Health).

B.A., Cornell University. D.O., Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Adewale Troutman…….Physician, President of the American Public Health Association

M.A., SUNY-Albany, M.D., New Jersey Medical School.


Scott Tsunehara…….Physician. Internist and administrator at South San Francisco Medical Center.

B.A., University of California at Berkeley. M.D. and MPH, Tufts University.


William D. Turner…….Associate Professor, internal medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

B.A., Amherst College. M.D., Nount Sinai School of Medicine.


Wenonah Valentine…….Executive Director of the Pasadena Birthing Project which works to reduce high birth mortality rate in Southern California.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.  MBA, Azusa Pacific University.


Vijay R. Varma…….Alzheimer’s disease researcher.

B.A., Duke University. M.P.H. and Ph.D. Candidate in public health at Johns Hopkins University.


Alisha Wallace-Smith…….Patient Safety Coordinator/ HIIN Coach at Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.

B.A., Ohio State University. Master’s in Health Care Administration, Cappella University.


Anita M. Wells…….Clinical Psychologist, professor at Morgan State University.

B.A., Yale University. Ph.D., Northwestern University.


Juliana Wilcox…….Veterinarian at South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Chula Vista, California.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. DVM, Colorado State University.


Keith A. Williams…….Physician. Fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Practices in Venice, Florida.

B.A., Brooklyn College. M.D., University of Pittsburgh.



 Science & Technology


Charlene Adams…….Computer Analyst at TerSys, a technology company in Gaithersburg, MD.

B.A., Barnard College.


Thelma Boamah…….Software Engineer, WEB Developer at Adobe Systems Incorporated in San Jose, California.

B.A., New York University. Master’s degree, School for International Training.


Justin D. Crutcher…….Maintenance engineer at PPG Industries, Inc.

B.A., University of Pittsburgh (double major in engineering and Africana Studies).


C’Ardiss G. Gleser…….Software engineer at IDX Systems. Currently Director of Programs for Technology Access Foundation. 

B.A., Yale University. M.Ed., University of Seattle.


Rhonda Gomes…….Network Engineering and Delivery Manager at Kaiser Permanente.

B.S. in computer science and African American Studies, University of California at Davis.


James Steven Hoffmaster…….Professor of Physics at Gonzaga University (retired).

B.A., Edinboro State U. Ph.D. in nuclear physics, Stevens Institute of Technology.


Malika Jeffries-El……Associate Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University.

B.A., Wellesley College. Ph.D. in chemistry, George Washington University.


Mae Jemison…….Astronaut. Rocketed into space aboard the shuttle Endeavor in 1992 as a mission specialist.

B.A. in Afro-American Studies and B.S. in chemical engineering both at Stanford University.    M.D., Cornell University School of Medicine.


David P. Johnson…….Professor of Digital Media and Web Technology at the University of Maryland.

B.A. in Afro-American Studies and M.S. in computer systems management , University of Maryland. Ph.D. in occupational studies, University of Georgia.


Kamille Johnson…….Software engineer at Elud.

B.A. in Africana Studies & Computer Science, Brown University.


Brad Rickel…….IT Support Analyst at Arizona Public Media.

B.A., University of Arizona.


G. Jamar Smith…….Information Security Consultant at Unisys.

B.A., University of New Mexico. M.S. in information management, Syracuse University.


Kyanna Sutton…….Senior Web Producer at MIT Technology Review.

B.A. Wellesley College.


Edward E. Tarver III…….Chemist-Inventor. Founder and CEO of Etaran Instruments Inc.

B.A., University of California-Berkeley. Ph.D., Washington State University.


Kimani C. Toussaint Jr.…….Associate Professor of Mechanical Science at the University of Illinois. A Gates Millennium fellow whose special interest is photonics (Quantum Optics). He has published technical papers.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Boston University.


Jamelle Watson-Daniels…….Ph.D., Candidate in physics at Harvard University.

B.A., B.S., Brown University.




Law & Criminal Justice


Ramzi Abadou…….Attorney, Managing  Partner at Kahn, Swick & Foti, LLP.

B.A., Pitzer College. M.A., Columbia University. J.D., Boston College Law School.


Imhotep Alkebu-lan…….Attorney, Co-Chair of the National Conference of Black Lawyers.

B.A., University of California at Riverside. J.D., Texas Southern University.


James Anderson…….Assistant General Counsel at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

B.A., Washington University. J.D., George Washington University Law School.


Abimbola S. Bamgboye…….Attorney. Associate in the Park Avenue firm of WilmerHale, representing clients in hedge funds and institutional investors.

B.A., SUNY-Binghamton. J.D., American University.



Sara Bennett…….Law assistant in the Office of the Attorney General, State of New Jersey.

M.A., Columbia University. M.S.W. and J.D. at Rutgers University.


Adler Bernard…….Attorney at JPMorgan Chase; Board member of Cancer Research Institute.

B.A., New York University. J.D., George Washington University.


Patricia Ann Blackmon…….Judge, Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals.

B.A., Tougaloo College. J.D., Cleveland State University.


Kathleen M. Brady…….Associate in the firm of Gordon Silver (Reno, Nevada branch office).

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.   


Kim Bressant-Kibwe…….Trusts & Estates Counsel at ASPCA.

B.A., Cornell University. J.D., Georgetown University Law Center.


Donna Brown…….Seattle Police Department Staff Liaison for the SPD African American Community Advisory Council.

B.A., University of Washington.


Keturah Brown…….Environmental & Transportation Attorney at Van Ness Feldman LLP.

B.A., M.S., Florida State University. J.D., George Washington University.


Paige L. Carlos…….Associate in the Law firm of J Bernard Chery, private tutor.

B.A., Colgate University. J.D., Florida A&M University.


Brea Childs…….Litigation Assistant and Legal Practice Administrator at Earthjustice (California).

B.A., New York University.


Erin Dozier…….Associate General Counsel at the National Association of Broadcasters.

B.A., Hampshire College. J.D., George Washington University.


Latonia Early…….Attorney. Associate in the firm of Friedman & Friedman in Garden City, NY.

B.A., Princeton University. J.D., Hofstra University.


Loriani Santos Eckerle…….Attorney specializing in commercial litigation in the firm of Jackson & Hertog (San Francisco office). Former Treasurer of La Raza Law Student Association.

B.A., Wellesley College. University of California at Berkeley.


Jinho Ferreira…….Police Officer, playwright, actor.

B.A., San State University.


Wesley O. Fields…….General Counsel for the Kansas City Tax Increment Finance Commission. Partner in the law firm of Bryan Cave LLP

B.A., Yale University. J.D., University of Virginia.



Clyde Frazier Jr…… Revenue-Crimes Specialist in the New York State Office of Tax Enforcement (killed in 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center).

B.A., SUNY-Albany.


Amanda Gennerman…….Immigration attorney.in private practice in Wisconsin.

B.A., University of Wisconsin. J.D., University of Denver.


Sarah Goldfrank…….Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President at Bank of America.

B.A., Smith College (Phi Beta Kappa). J.D., Georgetown University.


Josh Green…….Attorney, screenwriter.

B.A., University of Virginia. J.D., Harvard University.


Tanya Greene…….Attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Formerly an  attorney in the Capital Defender Office in New York City representing people charged with capital crimes. Received the 1999 Reebok International Human Rights Award for her work opposing the death penalty.

B.A., Wesleyan University. J.D., Harvard University.


Leslie Harris…….Judge. Suffolk (Massachusetts) Juvenile Court judge.

M.A., Boston University, 1994. J.D., Boston College.


Myaisha Hayes…….National Organizer for Criminal Justice & Technology at the Center for Media Justice in Oakland, California

B.A., Occidental College.


Julie Hess…….Deputy Director of UncommonLaw, a prisoner advocacy firm in California.

B.A., Vassar College. M.S.W., New York University.


Nia Holston…….Paralegal at Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

B.A., Yale University.


Alicia Hyndman…….New York State Assemblywoman.

B.A., SUNY-New Paltz. MPA, Framingham State College


Ben Jaffe…….Criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana.

B.A., J.D., University of Indiana.


Karume James…….Defense attorney in New York (Bronx). Former union organizer with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). Former chairman of UCLA’s Afrikan Student Union.

B.A., UCLA. J.D., Brooklyn Law School.


Candice Jones…….Director of Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

B.A., Washington University. J.D., New York University.



Virginia Lucchesi…….Deputy Probation Officer in Santa Clara County, California.

B.A., MPA, San Jose State University


Verlaine Keith-Miller…….Assistant Attorney General, State of Washington, and Industrial Appeals Judge, State of Washington

B.A. and J.D., University of Washington.


Charlotte Lewis Jones…….Corporate attorney, expertise in copyright, entertainment/media law.

B.A., Yale University. J.D., Columbia University.


David Jones……Attorney, political organizer, community volunteer.

B.A., University of Memphis, J.D., University of Tennessee.


Nicole Junior…….Executive Agency Counsel, Civilian Complaint Review Board.

B.A., Smith College. J.D., Temple University.


C. Randolph Keller…….Chief Prosecutor for Shaker Heights, Ohio.

B.A., Vassar College. J.D., Case Western Reserve University School of Law.


Do Kim……….Civil right attorney, founder of Korean American Youth Leadership Program.

B.A. and J.D., UCLA.


Amelia Koplos…….Legislative assistant at Blackridge, an Austin Texas government affair consultancy.

B.A., Colgate University. M.A. in public affairs at University of Texas at Austin.


Nekima Levy-Pounds…….Civil rights attorney, recognized widely for her community service record and professional and scholarly accomplishments. Law professor at University of St. Thomas.

B.A., University of Southern California. J.D., University of Illinois.


Monica Little…….Judge in the Los Angeles Immigration Court. Former Assistant Chief Council, Department of Homeland Security.

B.A., University of Washington. J.D., Lewis & Clark Law School.


Stephen Marlowe…….Consumer bankruptcy attorney, college professor.

B.A., Miami University. J.D., University of Toledo College of Law.


Karen McCormack…….Police Sergeant, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

B.A., California State University at Long Beach.


Pamela J. Meanes…….President of the National Bar Association and Partner in Thompson Coburn, the largest law firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

M.A., Clark Atlanta University. J.D., University of Iowa.


Brenda J. Means…….Attorney in Everett, Washington specializing in family, real estate, landlord/tenant, Native American and tribal law.

B.A., San Diego State University. J.D., St. Louis University.


Ghenete Wright Muir…….Attorney, legal journalist, LGBTQ advocate.

B.S., Amherst College. J.D., Pace University School of Law.


Pricilla A. Ocen…….Associate Professor of Law at Loyola Marymount University.

B.A., San Diego State University. J.D., UCLA.


R. Daniel Okonkwo…….Executive Director of DC Lawyers for Youth.

B.A., Yale University. J.D., Georgetown University.


Peter B. Paris…….Attorney in the firm of Mets Schiro & McGovern in New Jersey, specializing in civil right cases. Former Boston police officer and varsity lacrosse player at Harvard University.

B.A., Wesleyan University. J.D., Stanford University.


Errol H. Powell…….Administrative law judge (Florida); President of the Lincoln Foundation.

B.A., University of North Carolina. J.D., Florida State University.


Jasmine Rand…….Attorney of the Trayvon Martin family.

B.A., University of Georgia. J.D., Florida State University.


Richard W. Roberts…….Judge. Appointed In 1998 appointed By President Clinton to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. He had previously worked in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

B.A., cum laude, Vassar College. J.D., Columbia University.


Jennie R. Romer…….Attorney, Director and founder of plasticbaglaws.org dedicated to limiting use of plastic bags.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. J.D., Golden State University.


Charlotte B. Rutherford…….Administrative law judge (Oregon).

B.A., Portland State University. J.D., Howard University. LL.M., Georgetown University.


Sam Sachs…….Park ranger and social activist

B.S., Portland State University


Maurice Sikes…….Police officer in Coral Gables, Florida. Illegal drugs recognition expert.

B.A., University of Miami.


Peggie Smith…….Vice Dean and law professor at the University of Washington. Was editor-in-chief of the Harvard Women’s Law Journal. Teaches contracts, employment relationships, and gender work.

B.A., Yale University. M.A., J.D., Yale University.


Tyra H. Smith…….Media and entertainment attorney. Adjunct professor at USC.

B.A., University of Missouri. J.D. University of Southern California.



Vincent Stevenson…….Prison administrator, Rikers Island Re-Entry Coordinator.

B.A., Marquette University. MSW, Columbia University.


Lovita Tandy…….Partner in the Atlanta law firm of King & Spalding.

B.A., Harvard University. J.D., Duke University.


Tracy Thompson…….Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, State of New York.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania. J.D., Temple University.


Cecilia Townes…….Attorney at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

B.A. (summa cum laude), Howard University. J.D., University of California at Los Angeles.


Jeremy Travis…….President of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

B.A., Yale University. J.D., New York University.


Amia L. Trigg…….General Editor of the Harvard Civil Right-Civil Liberties Law Review. Associate in the firm of Covington & Burling LLC in Washington, DC.

B.A., Harvard University. J.D., Harvard University.


Imelme Umana…….First black female editor of the Harvard Law Review, 2017-2018.

B.A., Harvard University. J.D., Harvard University Law School.


Roger C. Vann…….Executive Director of the Connecticut ACLU, president of the New Haven NAACP, radio talk show host.

B.A., Brown University.


Roger S. Wareham…….Attorney. Partner in the firm of Thomas, Wareham, and Richards in Brooklyn, New York. General Secretary of The International Association Against Torture.

B.S., Harvard University. J.D., Columbia University.


Carol Westbrook…….Police Chief at Atlanta Technical College.

B.A., University of Tennessee at Knoxville. M.P.A., Kennesaw State University.


Tracie M. Wilson…..President of the Houston County Bar Association (Alabama) and managing attorney at Legal Services Alabama.

B.A., Vanderbilt University. J.D., University of Iowa.


Donte Wyatt…….Deputy District Attorney in San Diego. Currently in private practice.

B.A., San Diego State University. J.D., California Western School of Law.



Politics & Government


Carl Andrews…….New York State Senator and Majority Whip (Democrat). Currently owner of Carl Andrews & Associates, a political strategy and legislative lobby firm.

M.A., State University of New York at Albany.


Daniel D. Baer…….U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Co-operation and Security in Europe.

B.A., Harvard University. Ph.D., Oxford University.


Marinna Banks-Shields…….Captain in the U.S. Public Health Service, chair of its Social Work Professional Advisory Group (SWPAG).

B.A., Emory University. Ph.D. in social work at Howard University.


William Boone III…….Delegate to the 2000 Democratic National Convention representing New York. Worked as a Brooklyn Democratic Party campaign consultant.

M.A., State University of New York-Albany. J.D., CUNY-Queens College.


Kristerfer Burnett…….City Councilman in Baltimore, Maryland, District 8.

B.A., University of Maryland.


Christopher Campos…….City Councilman of Hoboken, New Jersey, prosecutor, civil servant.

B.A., Denison University. J.D., American University.


Lynn Gilmore Canton…….Executive Director of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), appointed by President Bill Clinton. Also former Assistant Deputy Comptroller for management Audit for the state of New York.

B.A., M.S., SUNY-Albany.


J. R. Clairbourne…….City Councilman. 2nd Ward Alderman with a seat on the City of Ithaca (NY) Common Council. Former reporter at the Ithaca Journal.

B.A., University of Kansas.


George Cushingberry Jr…….Detroit City Councilman.  Former Michigan State Representative elected in 1975 at age 21. Was on the Wayne County Board of Commissioners for 16 years.

B.A., Wayne State University. J.D., University of Detroit.


Tom Davidson…….Maine State Representative (three terms, Democrat). Also a highly successful businessman as Vice President of Tyson Corners, an investment firm. Currently CEO of EverFi.

B.A., Bowdoin College.


Erica Terry Derryck…….Director of Communications, Office of the Mayor of Oakland, California.                                                                                        

Formerly an MTV segment producer and news reporter.

B.A., Wesleyan University. M.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Laura Dowrich-Phillips…….Trinidad’s Director of Ageing in the Ministry of Social Development.

B.A., Ph.D. (public policy), University of Maryland.  


Alan S. Farrell…….Fatherhood Services Coordinator (New York City Mayor’s Office).

B.A., Oberlin College. M.S. in public policy at The New School for Public Engagement.                                                                                                                        


Jendayi Frazer…….U.S. Ambassador to South Africa. Senior Director of African Affairs at the National Security Council, appointed by Condoleezza Rice. Distinguished professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

B.A., Stanford University. Ph.D. in political science, Stanford University.


Karen Freeman-Wilson…….Mayor of Gary, Indiana. Previously President and CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). A former drug court judge in Gary, Indiana and former Attorney General for the state of Indiana.

B.A., Harvard University. J.D., Harvard University.


Hans Goff…….Political campaign organizer/manager. Presently the Southern Regional Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton for President. Worked on Pres. Obama, mayoral, and gubernatorial bids.

B.A., William & Mary.


Bruce Harris…….Republican mayor of Chatham Borough, New Jersey, attorney.

B.A., Amherst College. MBA, Boston University. J.D., Yale University.


Deonte Hollowell…….Louisville, Kentucky City Councilman, educator, currently outreach coordinator for Black Alliance for Educational Options.

B.A.,M.A., University of Louisville. Ph.D., Temple University (all degrees related to Black Studies).


Makila Z. James…….U.S. Ambassador to Swaziland.

B.A., Cornell University.


Brian C. Johnson…….Commissioner of West Park, Florida, President/CEO of Minority Builders Coalition, Inc.

B.A., Morehouse College.


Meredith Kelly…….Communications Director for U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

B.A., M.P.A., CUNY-City College.


Carl Kemp…….Lobbyist. Head of a political lobbying firm, the Kemp Group. Former two-term student body president at California State University at Long Beach.

B.A., MPA, California State University at Long Beach.


Do Kim…….Attorney. Founder of the Korean American Youth Leadership Program and President of the Korean Democratic Committee.

B.A., Harvard University. J.D., University of California-Los Angeles.


Robert D. Lavelle…….Pittsburgh City Councilman (District 6).

B.A., Kent State University.


Alyce Lee…….Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s Chief of Staff . Board member of the Boston Museum, trustee of the University of Massachusetts.

B.A., Wesleyan University.



Jinnie Lee…….Foreign Service Officer, posted to embassies in Korea, Qatar, and Iraq.

B.A., Wellesley College.      


Lee C. McDougal…….City Manager of Montclair and Riverside, California, and Chaffey College board chairman.

B.A., University of California at Riverside.


Michael McMillan…….License Collector for the City of St. Louis, City Alderman (19th Ward).

B.A., St. Louis University.


Kimberly Melton…….Chief of Staff for the Chair of the Board of Commissioners of Multnomah County (Oregon); former newspaper reporter.

B.A., Stanford University. M.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Elizabeth “Liz” Miranda…….Massachusetts State Representatives (Suffolk 5th District).

B.A., Wellesley College.


Marc H. Morial…….Mayor of New Orleans and former Louisiana State Senator. In 2003 he became President of the National Urban League.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1980. J.D., Georgetown University.


Cheryl Pahaham…….Director of Planning and Product Development, State Government Accountability, New York State Comptroller’s Office.

B.A., Wesleyan University. Ph.D. in sociology, The New School.


Ahsha Safai…….Member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (District 11).

B.A., Northeastern University. Master’s degree in city planning, MIT.


Peter A. Shapiro…….Chairman of the Prince Georges (Virginia) County Council.

A Truman Scholar, in 2013 he was appointed the county’s revenue authority director.

B.A., University of Maryland.


Kelvin Simmons……. Head of the Office of Administration for the state of Kansas. Former 2-term Kansas City Councilman. Chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission.

B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia.


Gregory O. Smiley…….Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

B.A. in Black Studies and M.P.A. both at City University of New York City College.


Jeff Smith…….Missouri State Senator, university professor.

B.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. M.A. and Ph.D., Washington University.


Jamie Taylor…….Director of the California Senate Fellows Program.

B.A., San Diego State University. M.L.S., University of the Pacific.


Adewale Troutman…….Director of the Louisiana Metro Health Department. Formerly director of the Fulton County (Atlanta) Department of Health and Wellness.  Currently professor at the University of South Florida.

M.A., State University of New York-Albany. M.D., New Jersey Medical School.


Sharon W. West…….Manager of Tampa (Florida) Housing and Community Development. Formerly Executive Director of the Buffalo Housing Authority.

B.A., University of Buffalo.


Neil Williams…….Captain, United States Air Force.

B.A., University of Northern Colorado.


Ben Wilson…….Director of New Hampshire’s Bureau of Historic Sites.

B.A., Syracuse University. M.S. in building conservation, University of York (England).



Business, Industry, Labor


S. Kathryn Allen…….Co-Founder and Co-President of The Answer Companies in Washington, DC, involved in site development, construction management and renovation, title and escrow.

A.B., Smith College. J.D., Boston College.


Michelle Harris Anderson…….Executive Director of the Mrs. New Jersey United States Pageant. She is a former Miss Delaware (1995) who competed in the Miss America Pageant.

B.A., Duke University.


Christopher Asher…….Owner of Gold Medal Excellence, a sports training/conditioning firm.

B.A., California State University  at Northridge. M.Ed., Azusa Pacific University.


M. Ayanda Bam…….Senior Manager at Adam Smith International, a British professional services company located in London, England.

B.A., Amherst College.


LaShauna Barboza…….Pharmaceuticals sales representative for Daiichi Sankyo.

B.A., Amherst College.


John Barros…….Restaurateur. Co-owner of Restaurante Cesaria serving Cape Verdean cuisine. Former member of Boston School Committee. Current Boston’s Chief of Economic Development.

B.A., Dartmouth College.


Kevin Baum…….Financial Operations Manager at Recover America, a home energy efficiency company in San Diego.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.


Afiya Bediako…….Associate at Goldman Sachs.

B.A., Amherst College.


Zabe Bent…….Transportation expert at Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Inc. (Los Angeles)

B.A., Barnard College. MST and MCT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Adda Birnir…….CEO of Skillcrush, an online digital skills learning firm.

B.A., Yale University.


Adolph S. Blackson III…….Director of Security at Guard Management Inc. in San Diego, CA.

B.A., California State University.


Ahndrea L. Blue…….Owner of Pinnacle Equities Investments, LLC. Attorney and former CEO of the Seattle Urban League.

B.A., J.D., University of Washington.


Sara Brady…….President of Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc. (Orlando, Florida), formerly policy director of MassVote (Boston, Massachusetts).

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.


James Brantley…….Zoo Keeper at Brookfield Zoo. Formerly Director of Community Relations for Zoo New England-Franklin Park Zoo. Currently education specialist at the Chattanooga Zoo.

B.S., B.A., majored in Zoology and African American Studies, University of Tennessee.  


Johnathon E. Briggs…….Vice President for Communication Strategy at Public Communications Inc. in Chicago.

B.A., Stanford University. M.P.H., DePaul University.


Peter-Charles Bright…….Global Property Specialist at Keller Williams New York City, an upper- tier real estate firm selling multi-million dollar properties world-wide.

A.B., Harvard University.


Mishka Brown…….Independent broadcast media professional, owner of Aerolith Inc., a media consulting and technology development company in New York City.

B.A., Yale University.


Rochelle Brown…….Television producer-author and co-owner of Powerhous Productions. Producer of the top-rated show “Emeril Live” and other popular shows on the Food Network.

B.A., Rutgers University.


Vivica Brown…….Deputy Assistant General Manager of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

B.A., University Virginia. J.D., California Western School of Law.


Natatasha Foreman Bryant…….Entrepreneur, CEO of Foreman & Associates, LLC.

B.A., California State University-Long Beach. MBA, Kaplan University.



Paul E. Butler…….Television Project Manager and  Director of Program Enterprises for VH1 Music First and Country Music Television (CMT).

B.A., University of Rochester. J.D., Harvard University.


Peter C. B. Bynoe…….Pro Basketball Franchise Owner. First African American to own a NBA franchise when he purchased the Denver Nuggets in 1989. Other business ventures followed.

B.A., MBA, J.D., Harvard University.


Kassahun Checole…….Publisher, founder and owner of Africa World Press and Red Sea Press.

B.A., Binghamton University.


Nicole Childers…….Senior Producer at American Public Media. Former Executive Producer at National Public Radio (NPR).

B.A., University of Pennsylvania.


Kent Codrington…….Tax Specialist at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

B.A., California State University at Los Angeles.


Ronteau Coppin…….Office Manager at Data & Society Research Institute.

B.A., Mount Holyoke College. MBA, Metropolitan College of New York.


Afi K. Daitey…….Director of Strategy, Partnerships, and Operations for the Khana Group, a West African-focused social impact firm.

B.A., Rutgers University. M.Ed., Harvard University.


Brad Davidson…….Vice President, Top 40 Promotion, Columbia Records.

B.A., University of Massachusetts-Amherst.


Monica Dillingham…….Director of Information Technology for the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

B.A., University of Maryland.


Jinida Doba…….Associate in Dorsey & Company, strategic consultants to management in Cleveland, Ohio.  Formerly Advertising Account Executive at Highland PR in Akron Ohio.

B.A., Kent State University.


Kristen Erickson…….Broker at J.P. Morgan Securities.

B.A., Brown University.


Scadi J. Etienne…….Vice President, Cash Management, Santander Bank, Boston.

B.A., City University of New York. MBA, Fordham University.


Ryan Ford…….Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Cashmere Agency, a lifestyle marketing firm in Los Angeles.

M.A., University of California at Los Angeles.



Hector Gonzalez…….Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan Director at Morgan Stanley.

B.A., SUNY-New Platz.     


Shawn Granberry…….Media entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Watch Now Networks.

B.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Kaneisha Grayson…….Graduate school admission consultant, owner of the consulting firm The Art of Applying in Austin, Texas, and relationship coach.

B.A., Pomona College. MBA, Harvard University.


Daoud Hadee…….Owner of Unlimited Chemicals, LLC.

B.A., University of California at Riverside.


Danielle Hannah…….Mortgage Advisor at HCN National Reinvestment Housing Coalition.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania.


Nicole Harris…….Marketing strategist, Director of Audience Marketing at The Deal, LLC.

B.A. in Black Studies at Oberlin College and M.A. in Black Studies at New York University.


Marika Hasimoto…….Associate Editor, New Media at Marvel Entertainment

B.A., Amherst College. MILS, Long Island University


Jerome Henry…….Account strategist at SteelHouse (advertising) and CEO of Electric City.

B.A., California State University at Northridge.


Michael Holmes…….President and founder of Rx Outreach (St. Louis), former executive at Edward Jones and Automatic Data Processing.

B.A., Washington University.


Maisie Hughes…….Landscape architect at CaseyTrees in Washington, D.C.

B.A., Howard University. Master’s degree in landscape architecture, Morgan State University.


Tamara Ibezim…….Senior Operationts Anaylst at Merrill Lynch.

B.A., The College of New Jersey.


Dawud Ingram…….Real estate salesman with Gotham Realty, LLC.

B.A., Drew University.


Jessica Ingram-Bellamy…….Division Director of Marketing at The Trust for Public Land. Formerly Advertising Director. Better World Advertising, a social marketing agency.

B.A., Cornell University. M.A., Columbia University.


Kanem Johnson…….Compliance Officer at Barclay’s Investment Bank. Former financial advisor at Barclay’s Capital Inc., associate at Citigroup, and basketball star at Wesleyan College.

B.A., Wesleyan College.


Julia Baker Jones…….Director of the Chidsey Center for Leadership Development at Davidson College. Business consultant. Graduated in the top 10 percent of her business school class at Stanford.

B.A., Carlton College. MBA, Stanford University.


Laurie M. Jonsson…….Founding director of Expedia and former co-owner of a cruise line, an investment company, and co-founder of the University of Washington’s Center for Women and Democracy.  On Board of Directors of Puget Sound Bank.

B.A., University of Washington.


Kristin R. Jordan…….Book publisher, owner of Pens Up Press.

B.A., Brown University.


Michael Joukowsky…….President of Crawford High Performance Composites, Ltd., chairman of the investment committee of the Joukowsky Family Foundation.

B.A., Brown University. MBA., Babson College.


Masako Kawazoe…….HR generalist with Pasona N A Inc. and TS Consulting International recruiting workers for Japanese companies located in North America.

B.A., California State University-Northridge. M.A., Temple University.


Siphokazi Koyana…….Member of the Board of Directors of the Shanduka Group Pty. Ltd. (Republic of South Africa); Director of Siyazithanda Projects, a business research consultancy.

B.A., Smith College. M.A., Yale University. Ph.D., Temple University.


Maya Lake…….Owner of Boxing Kitten, a fashion and apparel company whose clothing has been worn by Beyonce, Rihana, Alicia Keyes, Erykah Badu, and others.

B.A., Wesleyan University.


Todd Lane…….Business funding consultant at Freed Wealth in Houston, Texas.

B.A., Rutgers University.


Dominic Latty…….Importer, owner of Beaudier Imports (Florida), founder of nonprofit Virgin Island Youth Advocacy Coalition (VIYA).

B.A. in computer science and Africana Studies, Brown University.


Riana Lynn…….Owner of FoodTrace, connecting restaurants to distributors and farmers.

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Paula Madison…….President and General Manager of KNBC (Los Angeles).

B.A., Vassar College.      


Challyn Marie…….Entrepreneur. Owner or Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey. Former owner of Bubbles (children’s entertainment and activities center) in Santa Monica.



Ashindi Maxton…….Union executive at SEIU International. Former Director of Research & Special Projects, Democracy Alliance, a socially responsible financial investment company.

B.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Lutalo McGee…….Real estate broker, owner of Ani Real Estate in Chicago. 

B.S., Eastern Illinois University.


Midori McSwain…….Strategist at Commonwealth, a McCann Erikson marketing/advertising company in Detroit.

B.A., Northwestern University.


Yvette Moyo…….Publisher of South Shore Current Magazine. President and CEO of Resource Associates International , Ltd., a marketing firm. Formerly President of Real Men Cook/MOBE.

B.A., Eastern Illinois University.


Mandla Msimang…….Founder and Managing Director at Pygma Consulting, a South African regulatory and research firm assisting private businesses and nonprofits.

B.A., Cornell University. M.Sc., London School of Economics.


Frank Michael Munoz…….Marketing Coordinator at Vermont Creamery.

B.A., University of Virginia. M.Ed., University of Vermont.


Aziza Nicholson…….Hair stylist, owner of A II Z, Ltd., and head of the international nonprofit Women Empowerment Project promoting natural hair care.

B.A., Miami University.


Ryan Nissim-Sabat…….Labor union organizer for UNITE HERE in Philadephia.

B.A., Ohio State University.


Nina Oduro…….Employment consultant, founder and editor of AfricaDevJobs.com, connecting job seekers to jobs in Africa.

M.A., Columbia University.


Michael O’Neal…….Licensed insurance agent, New York Life Insurance Company.



Ryan Osodolor……Financial Representative at Northwest Mutual.

B.A., San Diego State University.


Taylor Parsons…….Sommelier (wine steward) and jazz musician at Los Angeles restaurant Republique.

B.A., Brown University.


Steven Phillips…….Attorney. At age 28 became the youngest member of the San Francisco Board of Education. Started his own successful high tech company, law firm, and nonprofit company. Written numerous newspaper articles and made many television appearances.

B.A., Stanford University. J.D., Stanford U. Law School.


Dawn Ridley…….President of the marketing firm Ridley & Associates LLC. Also taught marketing at Johns Hopkins University.

B.A., Indiana University. MBA, Clark Atlanta University


Detavio Samuels…….President of One Solution and CEO of The Bare Group.

B.A., Duke University. MBA, Stanford University.


P. J. Douglas Sands…….Tourism area manager for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

B.A., Barnard College. L.L.B., University of London.


Chyann Sapp…….Real estate agent at the Corcoran Group, New York City.

B.A., CUNY Hunter College.


Mark Douglas Smith…….President and CEO of California Healthcare Foundation. Currently practices HIV care at San Francisco General Hospital.

A.B., Harvard University. MBA, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. M.D., University of California at San Francisco.


Johnny Temple…….Publisher and Editor-in Chief of Akashic Books, winner of the 2013 Ellery Queen Award from the American Association of Publishers, essayist.

B.A., Wesleyan University.


Craig Thompson…….Founder and President of Thompson Communications, an education and media consulting firm. Partner in Venable LLC. Hosted radio and television talk shows in Baltimore.

B.A., University of Maryland. J.D., University of Maryland.


Hailu Timbo…….Grocery store director (Hy-Vee in Waterloo, Iowa).

B.A., University of Iowa.


Dexter B. Upshaw Jr…….Director of Youth and young adults at Rising Star Baptist Church (Conroe, Texas), and Marketing Director for Gamma Phi Delta Christian Fraternity.

B.A., Yale University.                   

Chas Walker…….Union organizer for SEIU District 1199 (healthcare and social service workers).B.A., Brown University.         

Tytianna Wells…….Publisher. Founder and CEO of Honey Tree Publishing, LLC; Illustrator.         B.A. and M.A., University of Louisville.                                    

Daniel Weisman…….Artist manager at Roc Nation, an entertainment company founded by Jay Z with offices in New York and Los Angeles.                                                                                     B.A., Emory University.    

Stephen White…….Board member of Dubset Media Holdings. Formerly President of Gracenote, a digital media technology subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.                                            B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison.           

James Williams…….Fiber Supply Associate at International Paper.                                             B.A., Brown University. M.S. in environment and resource policy at Tufts University.       

Thomasina H. Williams…….Vice President at Wells Fargo Private Bank and legal consultant.          B.A., Mount HolyokeCollege. J.D., University of Michigan.                                     

Robert Wilson…….Contracts specialist for the U.S. Air Force, Wright Patterson Air Force Base. B.S., Miami University. MBA, University of Phoenix.                                                                  

Jeremiah Wise…….Chief Financial Officer of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Formerly Director of New Airport Business Development, Indianapolis International Airport.                                   B.A., Yale University. M.A., New York University.                                                                     

Carter Woodruff…….Supervisor of Operations at Des Moines Water Works. Formerly Secretary/Treasurer of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees of Iowa. B.A., Luther College.                                                                                                                        

Sean Yeager-Diamond…….Personal trainer, owner of Promethean Fitness.                                B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.                                                                              

Katie Zacarian…….Facebook Product Marketing Manager.                                                         B.A., Harvard University.


Performing Arts & Entertainment


Mame Adjei…….Miss Maryland USA 2015. Double major in political science and African-American Studies. She has modeled and worked in nonprofits.

B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University.


Tatyana Ali.......Actress (“Fresh Prince of Bel Air), model, R&B singer.

B.A., Harvard University.


Michelle H. Anderson…….Singer and beauty contestant and consultant. Was Miss Delaware 1995. Has sung at pro sports events and at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.  Active in civic and political groups.

B.A., Duke University.


Gabrie’l J. Atchison…….Choreographer, dancer, author. Established a production company.

B.A., Brown University. Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, Clark University.  


Angela Bassett…….Actress. Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 1994 and an Oscar nominee for the movie “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”

B.A., Yale University. M.A., Drama, Yale University.


Ryan Michelle Bathe…….Actress of stage, screen and TV. Appeared in “ER”, “Boston Legal”, etc.

B.A., Stanford University. MFA, New York University.


Regina Bell…….Popular R&B singer (ten albums).

B.A., Rutgers University.


Kehli Faulkner Berry…….Dance instructor, founder of DIVA dance team in Compton, California.

B.A., California State University at Dominguez Hills.


Rashida Bumbry…….Director of Artistic Affairs at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

B.A., Oberlin College, M.A., New York University (both degrees in African American Studies).


Andrew Case…….Musician. Drummer with the 10-piece world beat Outer Circle Orchestra in Buffalo, New York. Day job is Physician’s Assistant in orthopedic surgery.

B.A., University of Buffalo. B.S., D’Youville College.


Julius Brewster-Cotton…….Professional dancer with the El Taller Coreografico in Mexico City, Mexico. Formerly with the Dayton (Ohio) Contemporary Dance Company. He was an Arts Commissioner for the city of Centerville, Ohio.

B.A., Southern Methodist University.


Rody Chiong…….Actor and musician. Has appeared in Hollywood movies, plays, and accompanied Sania Twain and Celine Dion with his violin and fiddle.

B.A., Indiana University.


Emelia Cowans…….Make-up artist, broadcast journalist, museum spokesperson.

B.A., Indiana University.


Francine Daniels…….Actress, playwright, director, and producer.

M.A., Ohio State University. J.D., University of San Francisco.


Harlina Churn-Diallo…….Choreographer-Artistic Director. Founder and Director of Imani Dance Company. Winner of several regional awards.

B.S., University of Louisville.


Yaya DaCosta…….Model-Actress. Appeared on the TV reality show “America’s Next Top Model,” winning second place, later picked to portray Whitney Houston in a biopic.

B.A., Brown University.


Andre De Shields…….Actor, director, narrator, labor union activist, adjunct professor. Has appeared in a number of movies, television shows, and stage shows. He has won an Emmy and been nominated for a Tony Award. Has honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin.

M.A., New York University.


Charles Dumas…….Actor, director, and theater professor at Penn State. Appeared in several popular Hollywood movies and is seen on such TV shows as “Law & Order.”

B.A., State University of New York-New Platz. J.D., Yale University.


Sonja Eddy…….Actress who plays Epiphany Johnson on TV’s “General Hospital,” numerous other TV roles, also roles in the musicals “Into the Woods” and “South Pacific.”

B.A., University of California at Davis.


Annjunae Ellis……Actress (“Ray”, “Freedomland”, Undercover Brother”, et al.)

B.A., Brown University.


Christina Elmore…….Actress (“Fruitvale Station,” The Last Ship”).

B.A., Harvard University. M.F.A., American Conservatory Theater.


Stacy Epps…….Singer-Attorney. Hip hop and jazz singer. Entertainment attorney at Epps Harrell LLC.

B.A., University of Virginia. J.D., University of Southern California.


Jinho Ferreira…….Playwright, actor, and police officer

B.A., San Francisco State University


Pierce Freelon…….Jazz/hip hop historian, musician, band leader, college professor, and journalist.

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. M.A., Syracuse University.   


Lafayette Gilchrist…….Jazz Pianist. Has released four albums. Leads the band The New Volcanoes.

B.A., University of Maryland.


LeShawn D. Holcomb…….Education/Teaching Artist at the Actors Theatre of Louisville (KY).

B.S., California State University at Fullerton.      


C. J. Hunt…….Comedian, middle school English teacher, founder of comedy theaters in New Orleans and Austin, Texas.

B.A., Brown University.


Marsha Jackson-Randoph…….Show Director at Walt Disney World.

B..A., Smith College (cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa).


Jeremiah Jahi…….Actor, director, screenwriter.

B.A., CUNY-Brooklyn College. B.S., CUNY-City College.


Donald W. King…….Acting Director. Founder and Artistic/Executive Director of the Providence (RI) Black Repertory Company. Adjunct professor at Brown University.

B.A., Brown University.


Yolanda King…….Actress-instructor. Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. Taught theater at Fordham University and acted in stage productions across the country.

B.A., Smith College.



Donald E. Lacy Jr…….Actor, comedian, director, talk show host.

B.A., San Francisco State University.


Sanaa Lathan…….Award-winning Hollywood actress. Played the female lead role in the movie “Out of Time’ (2003) starring Denzel Washington and has appeared in episodes of television’s “Nip/Tuck.”

B.A., UC-Berkeley. M.A., Yale School of Drama.


Alphonso McAuley…….Actor, appearing in movies TV and numerous commercials.

B.A., California State University at Fullerton.


Pat Patterson…….Miss Indiana 1971. Later known as the jazz recording artist Kellee Patterson.

B.A., Indiana University.


Michael Peace…….Christian rap artist with hit albums in the 1980s and 1990s, youth ministries director, president of Michael Peace and Associates.

B.A., SUNY-Brockport.


Root Boy Slim (born Foster McKenzie III)…….Legendary alternative blues/rock band leader, founder of Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band popular on the East Coast in the late 1970s and early 1980s home-based in the Washington, DC area.

B.A., Yale University


Drew Shoals…….Jazz drummer. Award-winning drummer who has performed with top jazz artists. Composes for the Drew Shoal Collective (CD release in 2007).

B.A., Whitman College. J.D., University of Pennsylvania.


Jacob Slichter…….Grammy-nominated musician (drummer) and co-founder of the rock band “Semisonic”.

B.A., Harvard University.


Ebonie Smith…….Award-winning Audio engineer, music producer, singer-songwriter.

B.A., Barnard College.


Kenny Sultan…….Bestselling author of blues guitar music books and instructional videos.

B.A., University of California at Amherst.


Myra Lucretia Taylor…….Actress in productions on Broadway, Off Broadway, and for awhile performed with Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company.

B.A., Yale University.


Robin Thede…….comedy writer-comedian, and host of BET’s “The Rundown With Robin Thede.”

B.A., Northwestern University.


Ryan Hope Travis……Artistic Director of the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company, playwright, choreographer, and actor in regional theater. College instructor.

B.A., Fort Valley State University, M.A., Syracuse University. M.F.A., University of Florida.


Melissa Walker…….Professional jazz and pop singer. Sang at Lincoln Center under the direction of Wynton Marsalis, the Berlin Jazz Festival, etc. Four CD albums to her credit.

B.A., Brown University.


Angela Watson…….Dancer and choreographer (African specialty), storyteller.

B.A., Howard University. Master’s degree in dance, Drexel University.



Visual & Decorative Arts


M. K. Asante Jr.…….Filmmaker, author, poet, professor.

B.A., Lafayette College. M.F.A., University of California at Los Angeles.


Brittany Ballard…….Independent film producer, writer, curator, and Director of Programming for the Urbanworld Film Festival.

B,A., University of California at Santa Barbara.


Jim Barry…….Artist and art lecturer at the California Institute of Technology.

B.A., University of California-Santa Barbara, 1986.


Rachel Bass…….Award-winning filmmaker

B.A., Amherst College. MFA, Chapman University


Jessica Bellamy…….Motion infographic designer at GRIDS in Louisville, Kentucky.

B.A., B.A. in drawing and B.F.A. in graphic design, all three degrees at University of Louisville.


Joi Bivins……Chief Curator at the International African American Museum in Charleston in South Carolina.

B.A., University of Michigan., M.A., Cornell University.


Rod Brown…….Comic book artist and creator of Native Comics.

B.A., Emory University. B.A., Art Institute of Atlanta.


Stanford W. Carpenter…….Comic book artist, anthropologist, professor. Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Institute of Comics Studies.

B.A., Portland State University. Ph.D., Rice University.


Terence Carter…….Executive Vice President, Drama and Comedy Development, at Twentieth Century Fox Television.

B.A., Harvard University (magna cum laude)


Ava DuVernay…….Filmmaker. Director of the movie “Selma” (2015). Owner of The DuVernay Agency, a marketing and PR firm.

B.A., UCLA. 


Erik Ford…….Digital Director at Heavy Heavy, a web and logo design firm in San Antonio, Texas.

B.A., Wesleyan University.


Joseph Geran Jr…….Sculptor, model-maker, jewelry designer and manufacturer. Also was Dean of Students at the Rhode Island School of Design.

B.A., San Francisco State University.


Daisy Giles…….Portrait painter, multimedia artist, creative consultant, writer.

B.A., University of Minnesota.    


Robert Henry Graham…….Artist-educator. His paintings have been displayed in more than 70 solo exhibits since 1968. He was Professor of Art at Virginia Tech.

M.A., University of Wisconsin. M.F.A., University of Wisconsin.


Sarah J. Glover…….Award-winning photojournalist at the Philadelphia Inquirer and social media editor at NBC-10 in Philadelphia. President of Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists.

B.A., Syracuse University.


Thelma Golden…….Art museum director. Director and Chief Curator at the Studio Museum in Harlem. She has contributed to books and articles on American art.

B.A., Smith College.


Jean-Patrick Guichard…….African art marketing specialist, owner of Guichard Art Solutions.

B.A., San Francisco State University.


Shawnya L. Harris…….Curator at the Georgia Museum of Art.

B.A., Yale University. Master’s and Ph.D. in art history, University of North Carolina.


Eugenie J. Joo……Curator. Director of Art and Cultural Programs at Instututo Inhotim in Brumadinho, Brazil. Formerly contemporary art curator at the New Museum in New York City. Winner of the 2006 Walter Hopp Award for Curatorial Achievement.

B.A., Vassar College. Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley.


Isissa Komada-John…….Exhibition Director for the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in Brooklyn New York.

B.A., Brown University.


Donald E. Lacy Jr…….Comedian, actor, director, filmmaker in the Oakland Bay Area.

B.A., San Francisco State University.


Dawit Lessanu…….Chief Architect and Director Research and Innovation at Associated Press.

B.A., Rutgers University. B.S, in mechanical engineering, Rutgers University. MBA, University of Phoenix.


Aaron McGruder…….Creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip “The Boondocks.”

B.A., University of Maryland.


Katina Faye Mercadante…….Documentary filmmaker

B.A., Amherst College


Leigh Morfoot…….Film Production Company Co-founder. Produced two films pertaining to media and law.

B.A., University of Virginia.


Tchaiko Omawale…….Filmmaker, producer-director, screenwriter.

B.A., Columbia University.


Joel Plummer…….Sports photographer, owner of Plummer Media & Entertainment, LLC.

B.A., Rutgers University.


Ben Selkow……Award-winning filmmaker (HBO, CNN, Weather Channel, Sundance Channel, etc.)

B.A., Wesleyan University (with honors).


Abdul Sharif…….Photographer, owner of Abdul Sharif Photography in Louisville, Kentucky.

B.S., University of Louisville.


Vanessa Broussard Simmons…….Supervisory Archivist at the National Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C.

B.A., University of Maryland. M.A., George Washington University.


Myshell C. Tabu…….Graphic designer for the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, former owner of Myshell Tabu Designs, actress, dancer.

B.A., California State University at Dominguez Hills.


Hank Willis Thomas…….Conceptual artist.

B.F.A., New York University. M.A., M.F.A., California College of the Arts.


John Trevino…….Los Angeles-based photographer.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. MFA., Howard University.


Nadine Wasserman…….Curator, art critic.

M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Marco Williams…….Documentary filmmaker.

M.A. and M.F.A., UCLA.


Yacob Williams…….Mural Artist. Paints in the Albany, New York neighborhood of Arbor Hill.

B.A., SUNY-New Platz.


Brandon Wilson…….Filmmaker, screenwriter, and high school teacher.

B.A. and MFA, UCLA.  


Literature, Poetry, Drama


Chimanmanda Ngozi Adiche…….Novelist, finalist for the 2014 National Book Award for Americanah (Alfred Knopf).

M.A., Yale University.


Joshua Bennett…….Spoken word poet. He has performed at the White House, the Kennedy Center, Sundance Film Festival, NAACP Image Awards, etc.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania (magnum cum laude). M.A., University of Warwick.


Michael Datcher…….Award-winning poet and journalist who has made numerous TV and radio appearances. Author of Raising Fences: A Black Man’s Love Story (2001).

M.A., UC-Berkeley.


L. Divine…….Author of 15 popular novels, set in high school, aimed at black young adult (teenage) female readers.

M.A. and M.Ed at UCLA.


Danielle Evans…….Winner of the 2011 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for the short story collection Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self (Riverhead Books).


John G. Hall…..Writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

B.A., University of Massachusetts at Boston. M.Ed., Converse College.


Katori Hall…….Multiple award-winning playwright (“The Mountaintop,” “Hurt Village,” et al.)

B.A., Columbia University. M.F.A., Harvard University.


Suzette Harrison…….Romance novelist.

B.A., University of California-Santa Barbara.


Myesha Jenkins…….Award-winning poet residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Anti-apartheid activist and feminist.

B.A., University of California at Riverside.


Bruce A. Jacobs…….Winner of the prestigious Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award, and author of the critically acclaimed nonfiction book Race Manners (1999).

B.A., Harvard University.


Daniel Alexander Jones…….Award-winning playwright, director, educator.

B.A., Vassar College. M.A., Brown University.


Devorah Major…….In 2002 she officially became the third Poet Laureate of San Francisco. She is also a trained actress, dancer, novelist, instructor, and editor.

B.A., San Francisco State University.


Felicia Mason…….Author of 14 romance novels. Winner of Reviewer's Choice Award from Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur Best Contemporary Ethnic Novel Award.

M.A., University of Maryland.


Ethelbert Miller…….Award-winning poet, editor, college administrator and founder of the D.C. Humanities Council.

B.A., Howard University.


Gloria Naylor…….Novelist. Winner of the prestigious National Book Award in 1983 for The Women of Brewster Place (Viking Press). Guggenheim Fellow and National

Endowment Fellow. She has taught at Penn, Cornell, and the University of Kent (England). Established her own multi-media production company.

M.A., Yale University, 1983.


Jill Nelson…….Novelist, freelance journalist and former staff writer at the Washington Post. Winner of the America Book Award for her memoir, Volunteer Slavery (1993). She is Professor of Journalism at the City College of New York.

B.A., City College of New York. M.A., Columbia School of Journalism.


Porsha Olayiwola…….Official Poet Laureate of Boston, Massachusetts; Artistic Director of MassLEAP.

B.A., University of Illinois.


Sandra Jackson-Opoku…….Poet-Novelist. Also award-winning educator and travel journalist.

B.A., University of Massachusetts.


Irene Smalls…….Award-winning author of 17 children’s books.

B.A., Cornell University.


Natasha Tarpley…….Award-winning author of books for children and adults.

B.A., Harvard University.


R. Kayeen Thomas…….Novelist, hip hop journalist and poet in Washington, D.C.

B.A., Carleton College.


Veona Thomas……Playwright, Executive Director of REJOTI Traveling Theatre Productions.

B.A., Lehman College.


Linda Trice…….Children’s book author and book reviewer. Former elementary school teacher.

Ph.D. in Black Studies, Union Institute and University.

Angela “Sadio” Watson…….Dancer (African specialty), choreographer, storyteller; former Fulbright Scholar.

B.A., Howard University. Master’s degree in dance/movement therapy, Drexel University.






Christopher Asher…….Director of Track and Field at California State University at Los Angeles, assistant coach track coach at UCLA.

B.A., California State University at Northridge.


Renee Bostic…….Athletic Director at Medgar Evers College. Formerly women’s basketball head coach at West Virginia State University.

B.A., College of the Holy Cross.


Ronnie Bowman…….Athletic Director for Jefferson County Public Schools (Kentucky).

B.S. and M.S. in Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville. M.Ed., University of Louisville.


Shannon Boxx…….Olympic gold medalist, women’s pro soccer star.   

B.A., University of Notre Dame.


Coretta Brown…….Women’s Basketball Head Coach at Thomas University.

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Wiley Brown…….Head Basketball Coach at Indiana University-Southeast.

B.A., University of Louisville.


Vince Carter…….Pro basketball superstar currently with the Memphis Grizzlies, formerly with the  Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and New Jersey Nets. .

B.A, University of North Carolina.


Lewis Chitengwa…….Professional Golfer who, in 1993 became the first black African (Zimbabwean) to win the South African Amateur Championship. The Lewis Chitengwa Foundation and the $100,000 Canadian Golf Tour’s Lewis Chitengwa Memorial Championship was established in his honor after his untimely death at age 26 in 2001.

B.A., University of Virginia.


Colin Cole…….Businessman and pro football player (defensive tackle for Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions), high school athletics consultant (CEO of The Cole Group, LLC).

B.A., University of Iowa.


Edgar I. Farmer Jr…….Head Coach of the Women’s Basketball team at Wofford College.

B.A., University of North Carolina.


Dorothy Gators…….High school athletic director. As head coach of the girl’s basketball team at Marshall High Scholl in Chicago she has won 8 state championships and has over 900 career victories.

M.A., Governor’s State University.



James “Scottie” Graham…….Pro Football Player, Senior Associate Athletic Director at Arizona State University

M.A., Ohio State University.


Monique Hennagan…….Sydney, Australia 2000 Olympic Games gold medalist in the 4x400 relay.

B.A., University of North Carolina.


Craig Hodges…….Pro basketball star (several NBA teams) and coach.

B.A., California State University at Long Beach


Adam Hutchinson…….Head basketball coach at Washington and Lee University, formerly head basketball coach at Case Western Reserve University.

B.A., Amherst College. M.S., University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Allan W. Houston Jr…….Assistant General Manager for the New York Knicks. Former pro basketball star who played with the Detroit Pistons and the New York Knicks. 2000 Olympic gold medalist.

B.A., University of Tennessee.


Antwan Jamison…….Pro basketball star (Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, et al.), broadcaster (Time Warner Cable SportNet).

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Maya Lawrence…….Bronze medalist in fencing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

B.A., Princeton University. M..Ed., Columbia University.


Keisha D. Marvin…….Head Track Coach. San Gabriel Valley High School. Former UCLA All-American.



Marty Mathis…….Head Coach and defensive coordinator of the Bethel College football team.

B.A., University of Minnesota.


Jeff McInnis…….Coach and former pro basketball star. Coach of Team Charlotte.

B.A., University of North Carolina.


Howard Moore…….Head Basketball Coach at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

B.A., University of Wisconsin.


Ibtihaj Muhammad…….Fencing champion.  2009 women’s U.S. National Fencing Champion. Gold medalist in the 2014 World Championship.

B.A., Duke University.      


Keiko Price…….Associate Athletics Director at the University of Illinois. Was Academic All-American, PAC-10 100 meter freestyle swimming champion, and swim team captain at UCLA.

B.A., University of California-Los Angeles.



Debbera M. Ransome…….Professional wrestler (a.k.a. Sheena the Voodoo Queen) and social worker.

B.A., Buffalo State College.


Chris Reynolds…….Deputy Director of Athletics & Recreation at Northwestern University.

B.A., Indiana University.


Karen Rife…….Women’s lacrosse team head coach at Wagner College.

B.A., Syracuse University.


Tommy Richardson…….Head Football Coach at ASA College Miami.

B.A., University of North Carolina. M.Ed., Keiser University.


Laurie Schiller…….Head Coach of the fencing team at Northwestern University.

B.A., Rutgers University (Phi Beta Kappa).


Duer Sharp…….Commissioner, Southwestern Atlantic Conference (SAC).

B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Tytianna Smith…….Children’s book author, illustrator, and owner of Honey Tree Publishing.

B.S. and M.S., University of Louisville.


Jerry Stackhouse…….NBA-TV analyst and former basketball star with several pro basketball teams, including the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons.. .

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Amahl Thomas…….Head Football Coach at The Webb Schools (boarding school) football team in Claremont, California.

B.A., University of California - Santa Barbara. Ph.D. in education at Claremont Graduate University.


Demario Warren…….Head Football Coach at Southern Utah University.

B.A., University of California at Davis.


Justin Weaver…….Assistant Director of Football Recruiting Operations and Defensive Quality Control Coach at the United States Military Academy (West Point).

B.A., Lehigh University. M.A., Morgan State University.


Arlisa Williams…….Head Coach of the Women’s Volley team at Georgetown University.

B.A., University of Wisconsin.


Collin D. Williams Jr……..Sports consultant, administrator, and author.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D. in higher education, University of Pennsylvania.


Joel Zimba…….Director of Basketball Operations at Valparaiso University.

B.A., University of Wisconsin. Master’s degree in sports administration, Valparaiso University.





Brad Allen…….Library Director at Lawrence (Kansas) Public Library.

M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. M.I.L.S. at the University of Illinois.


Daniel Altschuler…….Rhodes Scholar (2006). Studied at Oxford University.

B.A., Amherst College. D.Phil. Oxford University.


Willie L. Baber…….Anthropology professor at the University of Florida.

B.A., University of California at Davis. Ph.D. in cultural anthropology at Stanford University.


Ejima Baker-Morales…….English Department Leader and AP English teacher at Williamsburg Charter High School. College music instructor.

B.A., Barnard College. M.A. in musicology, CUNY-Graduate Center.


Jared Ball…….Communications Professor-Radio Host. Teaches at Morgan State University. Founder and host of FreeMix Radio.

M.A., Cornell University. Ph.D., University of Maryland.


Maisha Baton…….Poet, historian, and lecturer at the University of New Mexico.

B.S., University of Pittsburgh. Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh.


Marks Bernard…….Mathematics teacher at Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School (New York).

B.A., Brooklyn College.


Ernest Bond…….Education Professor at Salisbury University, the Carnegie Foundation’s 2007 Maryland Professor of the Year.

M.A., Ohio State University. Ph.D., Ohio State University.


Christopher A. Bracey…….Law professor at Washington University where he is also Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Has published in the Harvard Law Review, among others.

B.S., University of North Carolina. J.D., Harvard University.


Rakim H. D. Brooks…….Rhodes Scholar (2009).  Formerly Director of Communication for the New York City Council and policy advisor at the U.S. Treasury.

B.A., Brown University. M.Phil., Oxford University. MBA, Yale University.


Rae Linda Brown…….Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Music at Loyola Marymount University.

M.A. in African American Studies and Ph.D. in musicology, both from Yale University.


Errol T. Browne…….History professor at Bowie State University.

B.A. and Ph.D. at UCLA.

Dean D. Bryson…….Physical Science teacher at Collinwood High School (Cleveland, OH)

B.A., Bowling Green State University. M.A., Howard University.


Sean T. Buffington…….President and CEO of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia (enrollment 2,300).

B.A., Harvard University. M.A., University of Michigan.


Jeffery Burgin…….Associate Provost and Dean of Students at Belmont University.

B.A., University of Cincinnati. Ed.D., University of Alabama.


Lawrence A. Burnley…….Asst. V.P. for Intercultural Relations and history professor at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington.

B.A., University of Cincinnati. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.


David Canton…….Chair of the History Department at Connecticut College.

M.A., Ohio State University. Ph.D., Temple University.


Andre Carrington…….Associate Professor of English at Drexel University

B.A., Macalester College. Ph.D., New York University


Warren J. Carson Jr…….Chair of the Department of Languages, Literature, and Composition at the University of South Carolina.

M.A., Atlanta University. Ph.D., University of South Carolina.


Christopher Carter…….Chair of the Department of Allied Health programs at Charter College.

B.A., California State University at Long Beach. Ed.D., Argosy University Los Angeles.


Mark A. Christian…….Professor  & Chair of Africana Studies at City University of New York.

M.A., Ohio State University. Ph.D. in sociology, University of Sheffield (U.K.).


Marquis Coates…….Program Coordinator of Philadelphia Academies Inc. (PAI), managing a 5-member team that facilitates entry to college for high school students.

B.A., Temple University. M.P.A., Villanova University.


Alexander Coccia…….Rhodes Scholar (2014); student body president at University of Notre Dame.

B.A., University of Notre Dame. Ph.D., Oxford University.


Lisa M. Coleman…….Chief Diversity Officer at Harvard University.

M.A., Ohio State University. Ph.D., American University.


Dale Colston…….Principal librarian in the Business, Science, and Technology Center at the Newark Public Library.

B.A.., Rutgers University. M.L.S., Rutgers University.


Toya Corbett……Coordinator for the Office of Student Activities at Morgan State University.

M.A. and Ph.D. in history at Morgan State University.


Kimberle W. Crenshaw…….Distinguished law school professor

B.A., Cornell University, J.D., Harvard University, LL.M., University of Wisconsin


Jernaine Cruz…….Director of Admission at McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific.

M.A., SUNY-Albany. J.D., Catholic University.


Karen Cumberbatch…….Head of School (principal) at Carolina Friends (Quaker) School in  Durham, North Carolina.

B.A., Cornell University. M.A., UCLA. (both degrees in Africana Studies).


Brian Anthony Davis…….Yoga Teacher at Breathe For Change in San Francisco, California.

B.A., Pennsylvania State University.


Sean Decatur…….President of Kenyon College.

B.A., Swarthmore College. Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry, Stanford University.


Kelley F. Deetz…….Independent historian, author.

B.A., The College of William and Mary. Ph.D. in history, UC-Berkeley.


Tchet D. Dorman…….Director of the Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education at Temple University.

B.A., Oberlin College.


Kristie Dotson…….Philosophy Professor. Michigan State University.

B.A., Coe College. Ph.D., University of Memphis.


Michael Drake…….President of Ohio State University, former Chancellor of the University of California at Irvine.

A.B., Stanford University. M.D., University of California at San Francisco.


Marta J. Effinger-Crichlow…….Chair and Professor of Theater at New York City College of Technology.

M.A., University of Pittsburgh. Ph.D. in theater, Northwestern University.


Cheryl Finley…….Associate Professor of Art and African American Studies at Cornell University. Author of Harlem Guaranteed: The Photographic Legacy of James VanDerZee (2002).

M.A. and Ph.D., Yale University.


Josephine V. Finn…….Member of the New York Department of Education Board of Regents.

B.A., SUNY_Oneonta. J.D., University of Buffalo.


Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas…….Associate Professor of Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University.

B.A., Vassar College. Ph.D. in religion, Temple University.


Damion Frye…….Principal at Seth Boyden Elementary School in New Jersey.

B.A., Bates College. M.Ed., Brown University.




Jamillah Gabriel…….Librarian and administrator.

B,A., California State University at Long Beach. M.A., Purdue University. Ph.D., University of Illinois (Information Science)


Kaima L. Glover…….French professor at Barnard College, regular contributor to New York Times Book Review.

B.A., Harvard University. Ph.D. in French, Columbia University.


Maxine Gordon…….Jazz scholar and President of Dex Music LLC.

M.A., Ph.D. New York University. 


Jessica Graham…….Assistant St of History at the University of California at San Diego.

M.A., Cornell University. Ph.D. in history, University of Chicago.


Eric V. Gravenberg…..Interim President of the College of Alameda. Currently Vice President of Students at Merritt College.

B.A. and M.P.A. at California State University at Chico.  


Derek M. Griffith…….Associate Professor of Medicine, Heath & Society at Vanderbilt University.

B.A., University of Maryland. M.A., Ph.D. in clinical-community psychology, DePaul University.


Cheryl T. Grills…….Associate Dean at Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and President of the Association of Black Psychologists, Inc.

B.A., Yale University. Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles.  


Tresmaine R. Grimes…….Ombudsman and former Vice President for Academic Affairs, Iona College ( New York). Founder/CEO of Sarah’s Daughters Ministries, Inc.

B.A., Harvard University. Ph.D., Columbia University.


Rhiana Gunn-Wright…….Rhodes Scholar (2013), Design Research Fellow at ECMC Group.

B.A., Yale University.


Fredara M. Hadley…….Jazz studies professor at Oberlin College and owner of Jooksi, a tour service focusing on the New York City black music scene.

M.A., Clark Atlanta University. Ph.D. in ethnomusicology, Indiana University.


Valerie Harrison…….Acting President of Lincoln University.

Ph.D. in African-American Studies, Temple University. J.D., Villanova University.


Charlene Hayes…….Vice President of Human Relations and former Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at Johns Hopkins University.

B.A., Cornell University. J.D., George Washington University.


Brittany Henry…….Academic Counselor at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. M.Ed., California State University-Fullerton.



Paula Hentz…….Director of International Learning.

B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. M.A. in counseling, University of Maryland.


Tai C. Hinkins…….Founding principal of Renaissance Charter School at Cypress in West Palm Beach, Florida.

B.A., Oberlin College. M.S. in education, Barry University.


Jumoke Hinton Hodge…….Education activist. Board Director of the Oakland (CA) Unified School District. Co-founder and director of the Parent Leadership and Engagement Academy Initiative (PLEA).

B.A., Oberlin College.


Shannon T. Hodge…….Executive Director of Options Public Charter School in Washington, DC.

B.A., Harvard University. M.S.Ed, Purdue University. J.D., Stanford University.


Mandy Hoke…….Policy Associate at the Southeast Center for teaching. Former school teacher.

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Endesha Ida Mae Holland…….Was theater professor at the University of Southern California, award-winning playwright, and author of several books.

B.A., University of Minnesota. Ph.D. in American Studies, U. of Minnesota.


Dwight Hopkins…….Professor of Theology, University of Chicago. Ordained Baptist Minister.

B.A., Harvard University. Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary. Ph.D., University of Cape Town.


Diane Hughes…….Professor of Applied Psychology at New York University.

B.A., Williams College. Ph.D., Michigan State University.


Tu T. Huynh…….Professor in the School of International Studies and Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies a Jinan University in Guangzhou, China.

B.A., SUNY-Binghamton. Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara (political science).


Adrienne Israel…….Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean at Guilford College.

M.A., Howard University, 1973. Ph.D. in History, Johns Hopkins U.


Genteen L. Jean-Michel…….Principal, Lee Academy Pilot School, an elementary school in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

B.A. and M.Ed., University of Massachusetts-Boston.


Agatha Jeffers…….Accounting Professor at Montclair State University. Also Certified Public Accountant.

B.S., Hunter College. Ph.D., Rutgers University.


Cedric Kwesi Johnson……. Political Science Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York.

M.A., Ohio State University. Ph.D., University of Maryland.


Ollie A. Johnson III…….Political scientist at Wayne State University. Author of the book Brazilian Party Politics and the Coup of 1964 (University of Florida Press, 2001).

B.A., Brown University. Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley.


Louis Jones…….Field Archivist at the Walter P. Reuther Library.

M.A., Cornell University. Ph.D. in American history, Wayne State University.


Peniel E. Joseph…….Professor of History at Tufts University. Commentator on TV and radio.

B.A., SUNY-Stony Brook. Ph.D., Temple University.


Ibram X. Kendi…….Winner of the 2016 National Book Award for nonfiction.

B.A., Florida A&M University. Ph.D., Temple University.


Jordan Konell…….Rhodes Scholar (2015).

B.A. expected in 2015 at Yale University.


Obadele Bakari Kambon…….Research fellow and administrator at the University of Ghana.

B.A., Morehouse College. M.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin. Ph.D. University of Ghana.


Chana Kai Lee…….Associate Professor of History at the University of Georgia. Her award-winning book is For Freedom’s Sake: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer (1999).

B.A., University of California-Berkeley. Ph.D., UCLA.


Lenetta R. Lee…….Dean of the College at Lincoln University (Pennsylvania).

Ph.D., Temple University


David Leonard…….Chair of the Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies at Washington State University.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. M.A. Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley.


Haipeng Li…….Head Librarian at Hong Kong Baptist University. Born in the Chinese Province of Jilin, he was previously a reference librarian at Oberlin College.

M.A., University of Mississippi.


Bione Lockett…….Member of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University System.

B.A., Southern Illinois University.


Naima Lowe…….Media arts and film instructor at Evergreen Valley College. Filmmaker, and public intellectual.

B.A., Brown University. M.F.A., Temple University.


Maria Martin…….Professor of Agricultural Economics and Assistant Dean at Purdue University.

B.A., University of Nebraska. Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Kansas State University.


Dionne Mack-Harvin…….Library director, headed Brooklyn Public Library and El Paso Public Library.

M.A., SUNY-Albany. M.L.S., SUNY-Albany.


Joy May-Harris…….Principal of Alliance Skirball Middle School in Los Angeles.

B.A., Florida A&M University. M.Ed., California State University at Northridge.


Carllos Lassiter…….Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Westminister College.

B.A., Vassar College.

Israel Melendez…….Spanish teacher at Brooks Road Academy in Richmond, Virginia.

B.A., California State University at Northridge. B.A., Randolph-Macon College.

John H. McClendon III.......Director of African American and African Studies and philosophy professor at Michigan State University.

B.A., Central State University. Ph.D., University of Kansas.

Darren Moore…….Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Mercer University.

B.A., University of Minnesota. Ph.D., Virginia Tech.

Yusuf Muhammad…….Principal of Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

B.A., M.Ed., SUNY-Cortland. MPS, Cornell University.

Kimberly G. Nao…….Santa Monica High School Social Outreach Specialist.

B.A., UC-Berkeley. Ph.D. in education, UCLA.

Seanna Nichols…….Kindergarten teacher in Japan (Katoh Gakuen).

B.A., Univesity of South Florida.

Jennifer E. Obidah…….Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities and Education at the University of West Indies. Also Director of the Education Evaluation Centre.

M.A., Yale University. Ph.D. in education at UC-Berkeley.

Pamela B. Organista…….Professor and Chair of Psychology at the University of San Francisco.

B.A., Washington University. Ph.D., Arizona State University.

Shuron Owens-Lincoln…….School Director of Inglewood Elementary School (California).

B.A., California State University at Long Beach.   

Marc D. Perry…….Anthropology professor at Tulane University.

B.A., Vassar College. Ph.D., University of Texas.    

Deborah Petitto…….Principal and founder of The Arlington School in Birmingham.

B.A., Boston University. M.Ed., University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Kimberly L. Phillips…….Provost and Dean of Faculty at Mills College. Formerly a history professor at the College of William & Mary. Her award-winning book is AlabamaNorth: African American Migrants, Community, and Working-Class Activism in Cleveland (1999)

M.A., Yale University. Ph.D., American Studies, Yale University.

Wendy Purifoy…….School reformer, President of Public Education Network.

M.A., Boston University.

Jamar Rahming…….Library Director, Del City Public Library in Oklahoma City.

B.A., Northern Colorado University. M.L.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Michael Ralph…….Anthropologist. Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at New York University.

B.A., Morris Brown College. Ph.D., University of Chicago.

Debra Ann Roberson…….College instructor, San Diego NAACP staffer, alumni association president.

B.A., San Diego State University.

Besinia Rodriguez…….Associate Dean of the College at Brown University, Secretary of the Board of the Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University.

B.A., Brown University. M.A. and Ph.D., Yale University (all degrees in African American Studies).

Clayton F. Rosati……. Telecommunications professor at Bowling Green State University.

B.A., Ph.D. Syracuse University.

JaDora F. Sailes…….Assistant Professor of Educational and School Psychology at Indiana State University.

B.S., Eastern Illinois University. Ed,D, University of Indiana.

Wilfred D. Samuels…….English/Ethnic Studies Professor at the University of Utah, President of the African American Literature and Culture Society.

B.A., University of California at Riverside. Ph.D., University of Iowa.

Claudia V. Schrader…….President of Kingsborough Community College.

B.A., Rutgers University. Ed.D., Columbia University.

Jabari Simama…….President of Georgia Piedmont Technical University. Former Atlanta City Councilman, civil servant, and professor.

M.A., Atlanta University. Ph.D. in American Studies, Emory University.

Saadi Simawe…….English Professor at Grinnell College.

M.A., University of Iowa. Ph.D., University of Iowa.

Mitzi J. Smith…….Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at Ashland Theological Seminary.

M.A., Ohio State University. Ph.D. in New Testament, Harvard University.

Richard Smith…….Director of the Liberty Partnerships Program serving 5th  through 12th grade students in the Schenectady City School District (New York).

M.A. in Africana Studies and Ph.D. in social welfare both at SUNY-Albany.

Evan Simpson…….Head of Research and Instruction at Tisch Library, Tufts University.

B.A., The College of Wooster. M.S., SUNY-Albany.

Maboula Soumahoro…….English professor at Columbia University.

M.A., Universite Paris-XII Creteil. Ph.D., Universite Francois Rabelais de Tours.

Eric Strong…….Mathematics teacher and social activist in Los Angeles.

B.A., San Diego State University. M.Ed., University of Southern California.

Stevie J. Swanson…….Law professor at the Western Michigan University.

B.A., Yale University. J.D., University of Michigan.

Brian Taylor…….Executive Director of Teleos Preparatory Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. Former pro basketball star.

B.A., Princeton University.

Terry Thomas…….Middle school art teacher, founder of the award-winning African American Cultural Arts Organization in Florida.

M.A., Clark Atlanta University.

Richard Brent Turner…….Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Iowa.

M.A., Boston University. Ph.D., Princeton University.

Trevor Watkins…….Science Librarian at Kent State University.

B.A., B.S.A.S., M.S., Youngstown State University. M.S., M.S., Kent State University.

Samantha Wauls…….Teacher For America (TFA) English teacher at Lower Brule Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.

B.A., California State University at Northridge.

Ayana Williams…….After school programs director at the African American Cultural Center in Buffalo, NY.  Formerly dance Instructor, DreamYard Preparatory School (Bronx, NY).

B.A., College of Wooster.

Sharon Williams…….Director of College Counseling at Chatham Hall all-girl prep school in Virginia, formerly admissions staffer at Binghamton University and University of Rochester.

B.A., University of Colorado.

Tara M. Watford…….Director of Research and Evaluation at the Youth Policy Institute.

B.A., Georgia State University. Ph.D. in education at UCLA.

J. Luke Wood…….Distinguished Professor of Education at San Diego State University.

B.A., M.A., California State University at Sacramento. M.Ed., Ph.D., Arizona State University.

Lori Woodall-Schaufler…….Theater Professor. Performs in plays, movies, and commercials in Wisconsin and California. Teaches at Concordia University.

B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. M.A., California Institute of the Arts.

George Yancy…….Philosophy professor at Duquesne University and author of numerous books and scholarly articles.

M.A., New York University. Ph.D. in philosophy at Duquesne University.

News Media & Publishing

Janus Adams…….Syndicated columnist, Emmy-winning news writer and talk show host on Connecticut television, author, and historian.

M.A., Mills College.

Khalil Amani…….Journalist, hip hop blogger, book author.

B.A., University of Nebraska.

Stacey Barney……Senior Editor at Penguin Random House.

B.A. Temple University. M.F.A., Emerson College.

Karen Grigsby Bates…….Journalist-novelist. She has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, People magazine, and the Los Angeles Times; made appearances on National Public Radio (NPR), ABC’s “Nightline” and the “CBS Evening News.”

B.A., Wellesley College.

Tiffany Black…….Head of Social Engagement and Content Network at Ebay. Former editorial producer for InStyle.com. At age 23, she was an online editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

B.A., University of North Carolina.

James T. Campbell…….Editorial writer and reader representative for the Houston Chronicle. Former director of the Press Club of Houston.

B.A., University of Houston.

Clay Cane…….Entertainment journalist and New York City radio show host. Has written for a number of high-profile magazines and has interview top entertainment celebrities.

B.A., Rutgers University (Phi Beta Kappa).

Deborah “Big Red” Cotton…….New Orleans journalist, blogger, videographer.

B.A., San Francisco State University.

Pamela Edwards Christiani…….Magazine editor (beauty and style) for Essence and People.

B.A., Vassar College.

Haven Daley…….Video journalist for Associated Press. Former television anchorman on “New 24” in Houston Texas. He is a member of the Native American Journalists Association.

B.A., Pennsylvania State University. M.A. in Broadcast Journalism, Northwestern U.

Erica Terry Derryck…….Communications Director and Chief of Staff for Oakland, California mayor, formerly an MTV segment producer and news reporter.

B.A., Wesleyan University. M.A., University of California at Berkeley.

Christina Flowers…….TV news producer at WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee.

B.A., Marquette University.

Douglas Flynn…….Sports reporter and broadcaster covering Boston hockey and football scene.

B.A., Brown University.

Smokey D. Fontaine…….Chief Content Officer at Interactive One, an urban entertainment website.

B.A., Wesleyan University.

Jessie Graham…….Freelance print and radio journalist. Has worked for National Public Radio (NPR) and the New York Post.

B.A., Wesleyan University.

Gaynor Hall…….Reporter for WGN Evening News (Chicago TV).

B.A., Syracuse University (summa cum laude, double major AAF and broadcast journalism).

Rebecca Harshbarger……Press Secretary for the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

B.A., Sarah Lawrence College.

Selwyn S. Hinds…….Media producer and screenwriter. Former editor-in-chief of The Source, the leading hip hop magazine. He is also the author of two books.

B.A., Princeton University.

Shani Jamila…….Pacifica Radio talk show host-producer, writer.

M.A., University of California at Los Angeles.

Aliya S. King…….Freelance writer and author of novels and biographies. Her articles have appeared in Vibe, The Source, Essence, Us Weekly, Black Enterprise, New Music Monthly, etc. Editorial positions at Billboard magazine and The Source.

B.A., Rutgers University.

Meribah Knight…….Reporter for Chicago Business covering the economy, manufacturing, transportation, and labor.

M.A., New York University. M.A. in journalism at Northwestern University.

Jamiles Lartey…….Reporter for The Guardian (British newspaper).

B.A., SUNY-New Paltz. M.A., New York University.

Jean Libby…….Publisher author, history instructor, owner of Allies of Freedom publishers.

B.A., University of California at Berkeley. M.A., San Francisco State University

Kim Melton…….Communications director Stand For Children Oregon in the Portland, Oregon. For seven years was education and politics reporter for The Oregonian, the area’s premier newspaper.

B.A., Stanford University. M.A. in journalism, University of California at Berkeley.

Yvette Moyo…....Publisher of South Shore Current Magazine (Chicago).

B.A., Eastern Illinois University.

Chris Murray…….Sports journalist (Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Tribune, Washington Post, etc.).

M.A., Temple University.

Carron J. Phillips…….Columnist at the New York Daily News.

B.A., Morehouse College. M.A., Syracuse University.

Sarah Rosenthal…….Assistant editor at Oxford University Press.

B.A., Brown University.

Pearl Stewart…….Professor and founder of Black College Wire. In 1992 she became the first black female to become editor of a major daily newspaper, the Oakland Tribune.

B.A., Howard University.

Claire Sulmers…….Fashion journalist (blogger of FashionBombDaily), book author.

B.A., Harvard University.

David Van Taylor…….Vice President of Lumiere Production Inc. Has written, directed, and edited highly acclaimed documentary films including the 1993 Emmy-nominated “Dream Deceivers.”

B.A., Harvard University.

Jose Antonio Vargas…….Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, immigration reform and gay rights advocate, founder of the nonprofit Define America.

B.A., San Francisco State University.

Hassan Wahab…….Managing Editor of Africa Today, a leading journal on contemporary Africa.

M.A., University of Indiana.

Rico Washington…….Freelance journalist based in Washington, D.C.; Fellow at Columbia University.

B.A., Fordham University.

Brantley Watson…….Sports writer for the Long Beach Register and sports editor for three Orange County, California newspapers (Huntington Beach Wave, The Current, and Fountain Valley View).

Japhet Week…….Senior Producer at Al Jazeera Media Network. Former editor and freelance writer working in Shanghai, China.

B.A., Brown University.

Bill Whitaker…….CBS news correspondent based in Los Angeles. 

M.A., Boston University.

Lloyd Kam Williams…….Syndicated film and book critic.

M.A., Brown University, MBA, University of Pennsylvania, J.D., Boston University.

Social & Community Services

Khafre K. Abif…….Founder and Executive Director of Cycle for Freedom, a nonprofit helping people to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in African American and Latino communities.

B.A. and M.I.L.S. at the University of Pittsburgh.

Melanie A.  Adams.......Managing Director of the Missouri History Museum responsible for community education and events.

B.A., University of Virginia. M.Ed., The University of Vermont.

Margaret Q. Atkins…….Director of NJ-Step, providing higher educational opportunities for prison inmates in New Jersey.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania. M.S. in criminal justice policy at Rutgers University.

Van Bailey…….Director of the LGBTQ Student Center at the University of Miami

B.A., Denison University. Ed.D., California State University at Northridge

George M. Bell…….Area Director for South Bay/Long Beach of Lutheran Social Services of Southern California.

B.A., California State University-Dominguez Hills. D.Min., Cal Pacific Sch. of Theological Studies.

Chernell Bizzell…….Counselor at Free2BeSafe in Birmingham, Alabama.

B.A., University of Alabama-Birmingham. M.S., University of Montevallo.

Peter Bouckaert…….Emergency director for Human Rights Watch investigating human rights abuses around the globe.

B.A., University of California-Santa Barbara. J.D., Stanford University.

Atiim B. Boykin…….Marriage and family therapist at the Felton Institute.

B.A., California State University at Northridge. M.S., San Francisco State University.


Markese Bryant……Environmentalist, founder of Fight for Light in Oakland, California.

B.A., Morehouse College.


Anna Castro…….Communication Strategist, San Diego County American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

B.A., Amherst College.


Rosa Clemente…….Social activist; V.P. candidate for Green Party in 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.

B.A., University of Albany. M.A., Cornell University.


Christine Colouro…….Founder and Chair of the board of Building Hope For Africa (BHA).

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara.


Monique Cook-Bey…….Chief Program Officer with Chicago Youth Programs, Inc.

B.S. and M.Ed., Eastern Illinois University.


Devon Countee…….Field Manager/Community Organizer for Working America.

B.A., William Paterson University.


Asa Craig…….Policy analyst for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

B.A., Cornell University.


James Crowder…….Program officer at Philadelphia LISC, a community development organization.

M.A., Columbia University.


Malika Z. Crutchfield…….Case manager for La Raza Community Resource Center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

M.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Morgan Davison…….Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of United States Africa Sports and Education Foundation.

B.A., San Francisco State University.


Maria Smith Dautruche…….Fundraiser/Strategist; Vice President, Partnerships & Advancement, National Urban League.

B.A., University of Pitsburgh. M.P.S., Pratt Institute.


Wendy Day…….Founder and CEO of Rap Coalition, a  nonprofit organization devoted to brokering fair deals for rap and hip hop artists.

M.A., Temple University. MBA, McGill University.


Drakirah Diechert…….Foster Care Family Worker at EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. M.A., Northwestern University.


Christopher Dobyns…….Rhodes Scholar (Cornell University).

B.A., Cornell University.


Jonah M. Edelman…….CEO and co-founder of Stand for Children, an education reform group. Son of Marian Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund, he graduated summa cum laude and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.  

B.A., Yale University. Ph.D. in Politics, Oxford University.


Derrick C. Evans…….Community activist and professor. Founder and Executive Director of the Turkey Creek (Mississippi) Community Initiative formed after Hurricane Katrina. Teaches part-time at Boston College.

B.A., MAT, Boston College.


Shaena Fazal…….National Policy Director for Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

B.A., Miami University. J.D., Chicago-Kent College of Law.


Francesca P. Gamber…….Assistant to the Executive Director of the Greater Homewood Community Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland.

B.A., Harvard University. Ph.D. in history, Southern Illinois University.


Monique George…….Executive Director of Picture the Homeless (PTH) in New York City.

B.A., SUNY-New Paltz. MPA, Metropolitan College.


Anika Goss…….Executive Director of the Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office.

B.A., Purdue University. M.S.W., University of Michigan.


Viki Harrison…….Executive Director of Common Cause New Mexico.

B.A., University of New Mexico.


Calvin Holmes…….President of the Chicago Community Loan Fund.

B.A., Northwestern University.


Jasper J. Huffman…….CEO of Rochester Black United Fund (New York).

B.A., University of Buffalo.


Antoinette M. Jackson…….Habitat for Humanity Board Chairperson (Houston). Also attorney in the firm of Jones Walker focusing on real estate transactions.

B.A., University of Virginia. J.D., Texas Southern University.


Eugene Jackson…….Team member of the Reentry Network for Returning Citizens in East and Central Country (Contra Costa County, CA). Ordained minister. Spent 14 years in prison ministry.

B.A., University of California at Berkeley.


Denalerie J. Johnson-Faniel…….President and CEO of Urban League of Morris County (NJ).

B.A., Howard University. Ph.D., Capella University.


Katherine Kennedy…….Was Executive Director of the San Francisco office of the Summer Search Foundation which identifies at-risk youth and shows them a way to a better future.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania.


Brian J. Kreiter…….Co-founder of the National Student Partnership. Winner of the Samuel S. Beard Award for Greatest Public Service by an Individual 35 or Under.

B.A., Yale University. MBA, Harvard University.


Portia Allen-Kyle…….Member of the Board of Directors of the Urban Resource Institute which supports social services for the poor, disabled, and the addicted in New York City.

B.A., Wellesley College. M.A., Columbia University (both degrees in African American Studies).

Justin D. Laing…….Senior Program  Officer at The Heinz Endowment in Pittsburgh, PA.

B.A., University of Pittsburgh. Master’s degree in public management, Carnegie Mellon University.


Maureen E. Lee…….Executive Director of the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia.

M.A. in African American Studies and Ph.D. in humanities, both at Clark Atlanta University.


Stevon Lewis…….Licensed marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles County.

B.A., California State University at Fullerton. M.S. in counseling at Cal State-Long Beach.


Allen Lipscomb…….Licensed social worker and adjunct college faculty member.

B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara. M.S.W., University of Southern California.


Stacey Long Simmons…….Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

B.A., Vassar College. J.D., University of Wisconsin.


Wekesa Madzimoyo…….Community activist and organizer in Atlanta, co-director of the Aya Educational Institute, founder of Justice@Home combating homeowner scams and wealth transfer, and head of Uhuru Esusu, a home buying collective.

B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Karena Malko…….Coordinator for the Hudson County (New Jersey) Coalition for Drug-Free Communities.

B.A., Columbia University.


Ashindi Maxton…….Director of Research and Special Projects for Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC).

B.A., Vassar College. MPP, University of California at Berkeley.


Bil Mooney-McCoy…….Director of Safe Families for TechMission. Also professional musician.

B.A., Brandeis University. M.A., New England Conservatory of Music.


Alysha McElroy…….Private Wealth Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

B.A., Williams College.


Todd S. McFadden…….President of the Association of Black Culture Centers. College administrator.

B.A., Oberlin College. M.Ed., West Virginia University.


Michael P. McMillan…….President and CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis.

B.A., St. Louis University.


Emily M. Mediate…….Rhodes Scholar (2015), Director of Presidential Affairs  at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

B.A., University of Notre Dame. M.A. and MPP, Oxford University.


Sonja Okun…….Founder of exalt, a juvenile crime prevention agency in Brooklyn, NY.

B.S., MBA, Harvard University.


Jimi Orange…….Director of Youth Development at the Chicago Urban League.

B.A., University of Iowa. MPA, Governors State University.


Sanetta Ponton…….Managing Director of Academic Programs at Legal Outreach (New York). Homeless Advocate. Was Executive Director of SonRise House.

B.A., Columbia University


Wendy D. Puriefoy…….President of the Public Education Network, the nation's largest network of community-based school-reform organizations.

M.A., Boston University.


Lincoln Restler…….Managing Director of the New York Employment and Training Coalition, 50th State Assembly District Committeeman.

B.A., Brown University.


Ilena Robbins…….Director of the Mental Health Advocacy Project, Lawyers for Children (New York); social worker.

B.A., Vassar College. M.S.W., Hunter College.


Cory J. Rodgers…….Rhodes Scholar (2012), adviser to Americans for Informed Democracy.

B.A., University of Pittsburgh.


Pier Rogers…….Director of the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management.

M.A., Boston University. Ph.D. in organizational theory, New York University.


Sam Sachs…….Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Portland, Oregon, diversity instructor.

B.A., Portland State University.


Zulayka Santiago…….Executive Director of El Pueblo, a Latino advocacy organization in North Carolina. Currently an independent social entrepreneur.

B.A., Barnard College.


Jennifer A. Scott…….Director of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, preserving the progressive social legacy of Jane Addams.

M.A., UCLA. M.A. in anthropology at the University of Michigan.


Nikki Silvestri…….Environmentalist, President of Green For All.

M.A., University of California at Los Angeles.


Elizabeth Siwo-Okundi…….Founder of Orphan Wisdom Inc., a non-profit organization that assists orphans in Kenya.

B.A., Denison University. M.T., Harvard Divinity School.


Jaryd Spann……Business coordinator for Moveable Feast, providing meals to Maryland’s poor.

B.A. and M.A. both in Afro-American Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Jacci Thompson-Dodd…….Founder and Chief Executive of WeSpeakLoudly, a women’s health education and advocacy group in Seattle, Washington.

M.A., Boston University.


David Walker…….Executive Director of the Morristown Neighborhood House. Teaches program evaluation at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.

B.A., Stanford University. J.D., Georgetown U. M.S.W., Columbia University.


Jason Walker…….HIV/AIDS community organizer and housing coordinator for VOCAL-NY.

B.S., University of Louisville.


Jason Warwin…….Co-founder and co-director of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Sol which counsels and teaches black and Latino adolescents in New York City.

B.A., Brown University.


David Weiner…….Union leader, president of CWA Local 1081 (Greater New York City).

B.S., Seton Hall University.


Tinnycua Williams…….Director of Programs at Homes for the Homeless (New York City).

B.A., Colgate University.


Heidi Williamson…….Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for American Progress.

B.A., Georgia State University.


Teddy Wright…….Salvation Army/YMAC specialist, Seattle, Washington.

B.A., Harvard University.






Nekeisha Alexis-Baker…….Religion scholar-writer, speaker, co-founder of Jesus Radicals.

B.A., New York University. M.A.T., Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary.


Sandras Barnes…….Director of Seminarians, at City Mission in Boston, Massachusetts.

B.A., University of Massachusetts-Boston. Master’s and Ph.D. at Lesley College.


Alise D. Barrymore…….Co-Founder and Lead Pastor of The Emmaus Community a non-denominational Christian faith community. Was Dean of University Ministries and Campus Pastor at North Park University in Chicago. Winner of academic and preaching awards.

B.A., Yale U. M.Div., McCormick Theological Seminary.


Rasool Berry…….Leadership Development Pastor at Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania.


Joseph A. Brown…….Catholic Priest. Poet and author of books on religion who teaches at Southern Illinois University.

M.A., Yale University. Ph.D., Yale University.


Chad Collins…….Pastor of Valley View Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

B.A., University of Pittsburgh. M.Div., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.


Althea A. Dryden…….Marketing and Communications Associate in JustFaith Ministries providing social ministry programs to churches. Elder at Central Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.


Ilana R. Foss…….Jewish Rabbi  at Temple Beth Emunah in Brockton, Massachusetts.

B.A., Amherst College.


Janelle Hooper…….Lutheran Pastor. Pastor of St. Martin Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas. B.A., University of Texas-Austin. M.Div., Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.


Mustafaa Islam…….Imam, An-Nur Islamic Center in Springfield, Ohio.

B.A., Brown University. 


Wilma J. Johnson…….Executive Director of Greater Love Inc., Christian Educational Institute.

B.A., San Jose State University.


Yolanda D. Lehman…….Pastor of the multi-ethnic Resurrection African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

B.A., Wesleyan U. M.Div., Harvard School of Divinity.


Shaykh Suhail H. Mulla…….Resident Scholar at the Islamic Center of Orange County (California).

B.A., California State University at Northridge.


Elizabeth Siwo-Okundi…….Pastor, scholar, author of Preaching as God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary (Westminster John Knox Press).

B.A., Denison University. M.Div., Boston University.


Alice C. Price……Executive Pastor at Central Baptist Church in St. Louis.

B.A., Carlton College. Ph.D. in American studies at St. Louis University.


Danny Pyon…….Ministry consultant. Youth group pastor at the First Korean Church of New Jersey. Founder of the nonprofit OURS, Inc.

B.A., Brandeis University. M.Div. an doctorate, Westminster Theological Seminary.


Frank M. Reid III…….Senior Pastor of Bethel AME Church in Baltimore. Prolific author, heard or radio and seen on television, and founder of Frank M. Reid Ministries.

B.A., Yale University. D.Min., United Theological Seminary.


W. Franklyn Richardson…….Senior Pastor of the 4000-member Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York. Chairman of the Board of National Action Network.

M.Div., Yale U. D.Min., United Theological Seminary.


Paul T. Roberts Sr…….President of Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary.

B.A., Princeton University. M.Div., Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary.


Stephen P. Samuel…….Pastor of St. John Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia.

B.A., Morehouse College. M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary.


Cheryl J. Sanders…….Professor of Christian Ethics at Howard University. Senior Pastor of Third Street Church of God in Washington, D.C.

B.A., Swarthmore College. D.D., Harvard University.


Gary V. Simpson…….Pastor of Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. Author of articles on religion. Phi Beta Kappa.

B.A., Denison University. D.D., Union Theological Seminary.


Martin de Porres Smith…….Roman Catholic missionary, former campus minister at Morgan State University.

B.A., Xavier University. M.S.W., Loyola University.


Lakeya Stewart…….Director of Spirituality/Chaplin at Signature Healthcare in Bluffton, Indiana.

B.A., Berea College. M.Div. and D.Min. Lexington Theological Seminary. ABD, University.


Alesha Thomas…….Outreach Coordinator at Old First United Church of Christ in Philadelphia.

B.A., Temple University.


Weldon G. Thomas…….Pastor of New Bethel CME Church in Rochester, New York. Former Presiding Elder of the New York-New England District of the Washington Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (C.M.E.) Church.

B.A., University of Maryland. J.D., Georgetown University.


Conrad Tillard…….Senior Pastor of Nazarene Congregational Church in Brooklyn, New York.

B.A., University of Pennsylvania.


Richard Toliver…….Rector of St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church in Chicago, former Peace Corps administrator and university professor. Profiled in Ebony and Business Week.

M.A., Boston University. Ph.D., Howard University.


Travell Travis…….President of National Youth for Christ (The Way of the Cross Church).

B.A., University of Virginia (double major, history and AAS). J.D., Howard University.






Liam Daniels…….Fashion model with Next Management.

B.A., Howard University.


Alecia Deon…….Freelance copywriter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

B.A., University of South Florida.


Genet Lakew…….Digital Content Manager at National Urban League; Philanthropist, founder of the Mekonnen Family Scholarship.

B.A., Howard University. M.A., New York University. (both degree in Africana Studies)


Carllos Lassiter…….Director of Residential Life at Iona College


Van McKellar…….Machinist in Denver, Colorado.

B.A., Metropolitan State University.


James J. Miller…….Air Force Master Sergeant; AFJROTC aerospace instructor.

B.A., SUNY-Brockport


Hannah Murray…….Forestry Specialist at Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

B.A., Harvard University. Master’s degree in forestry science, Yale University.


Charon D’Aiello Sandoval……Member of the Board of the Italian American Museum of Lao Angeles; former Affirmative Action Officer at California State University at Los Angeles.

M.A., California State University at Los Angeles.


Michael Sawyer…….Navy cryptographer and university professor.

Ph.D. in Africana Studies, Brown University. B.S. in political science, U.S. Naval Academy.


Anna Swanson…….Gardener-Enviromentalist, Common Ground Country Fair Coordinator.

B.A., College of William and Mary.


Adrienne G. Whaley…….Genealogist. President of the African American Genealogy Group (Philadelphia), Manager of School Programs at the Museum of the American Revolution.

B.A., M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania.