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Students please note: The events that count toward punchcard credit, have the punchcard logo with the description. All other events you are encouraged to attend but they do not count towards your punchcard attendance.



Master of Arts in Arts Administration, Indiana University
Thursday, September 14, 11:40am 
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

Future arts administrators need the skills to tackle our communities’ greatest challenges. The MAAA degree at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) will provide you with the foundational skills, core knowledge, and practical expertise necessary to become an effective arts advocate and leader of change.  Michele Lersch, Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services, will be representing Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA).  Join her for a brief presentation and q&a.
For More Information:  Indiana University SPEA


Artist Lecture with Jiha Moon
Thursday, September 21, 2017, 4:15 pm 
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

Free and open to the public, join us in the Peeler Auditorium to hear Jiha discuss her work in the exhibition Jiha Moon: Double Welcome, Most Everyone's Mad Here (on display from August 25th until October 29th in the Visual Arts Gallery at the Peeler Art Center.  
For more information: The Galleries at Peeler Exhibits


Tibetan Art:  A Gallery Talk with Bruce Walker '53
Thursday, September 28, 4:15pm 
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery, Upper Level

 Join us in the gallery for an evening of conversation with Mr. Walker. Free copies of the exhibition catalog Infinite Splendor, Infinite Light, will also be available.  For more information:  The Galleries at Peeler Exhibits

artist lecture

Josh T. Franco
Thursday, October 5, 4:15pm
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

Dear Joshua, All My Love

A letter from the art historian to the artist

 In this epistolary essay, I explore the ongoing relationship between myself, an art historian, and artist Joshua Saunders. The decadence over time of the professional distance in our relationship is narrated, ultimately questioning the apparatus on which art history and art criticism have conventionally relied in their public faces. The essay advocates for an art history that does not feign objectivity, but rather leans into the often messy relationships between notable and not so notable figures in the "art world." What would art history look like if scholars and critics wrote forthrightly positioned as friends, confidants, enemies and lovers of artists? What does it mean to consider artists as collaborators and companions rather than "subjects" of art historical writings? By enacting these shifts, this letter performs a queering of art historical methodologies as they are currently known.   
More information here.

performance art

Josh T. Franco
Friday, October 6, 3-6pm
Roy O. West Library, Entry

Scriptorium Con Safos: Prologue

Scriptoria are the spaces where texts were reproduced prior to the printing press. They were often situated in monasteries, conferring sacredness and protection on them. Monks would transcribe significant texts by hand before passing manuscripts on to other scriptoria for further copying.
“Con safos”, typically abbreviated as “C/S”, is a homegrown Chicano copyright mechanism. From Spanish-English caló, it translates roughly as “with safety” or “this is safeguarded.” The “this” can refer to a mural on the streets, an email between Chicano companions, or the back of a canvas. It is a vernacular Chicano trademark that affirms cultural value and spiritually protects whatever carries it. 
More information here.

The Department of Art & Art History Event

The Philadelphia Center Off-Campus Presentation

Diana Waters, The Philadelphia Center
Thursday, October 12, 11:40am
Peeler, Auditorium

Diana Waters will give a brief presentation about what The Philadelphia Center has to offer to students interested in the arts.
The Philadelphia Center offers over 900 different internships - in every discipline - and the will craft NEW placements based on students' interest. 
During their time at the Philadelphia Center, students attend two challenging seminars, work almost full-time at an internship, and live independently in the city—all with care and support from the dedicated faculty and staff. Instituted in 1967, TPC is known as “one of the nation’s oldest experiential educational institutions” Students' financial aid applies, and credits transfer back to DePauw.


THE department of art & art history


Jurriaan Benschop
Thursday, October 12, 4:15pm
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium




THe Galleries@Peeler Event


ArtsFest:  Gallery Tour of Jiha Moon Exhibit
Friday, October 27, 11:40am 
Visual Arts Gallery

Join Craig Hadley, Director/Curator, and Alexandra Chamberlain, Assistant Curator, for a guided tour and Q&A session of the current exhibit Double Welcome, Most Everyone's Mad Here.  Free and open to the public, this event is part of ArtsFest 2017: Art & Origin

For more information:  The Galleries at Peeler Exhibits



Objects from the University Art Collection
Monday, October 30: 4:15 pm
Peeler lobbyJoin Assistant Curator Alexandra Chamberlain for coffee and a peek into a couple of objects from the University collection. Free and open to the public, this event is part of ArtsFest 2017: Art & Origin.

For more information:  The Galleries at Peeler Exhibits



ArtsFest: Gallery Tour of Bruce Walker ’53 Collection of Tibetan Art
Tuesday, October 31, 11:40am 
University Gallery, upper level

Ashlyn Cox ’18 spent this past summer researching the Tibetan art collection and writing label copy for the exhibition and catalog. Come hear about her research experience as she talks about selected works on display.  Free and open to the public, this event is part of ArtsFest 2017: Art & Origin.
For more information:  The Galleries@Peeler



Tuesday, October 31, 6-8pm
Peeler Lobby

Join us on Halloween for a night of fun (and maybe just a few treats) for the whole family!  During trick or treating hours, the Peeler Art Center galleries will be open for all family members to partake in a scavenger hunt through the artwork on display.  Free and open to the public, this event is part of ArtsFest 2017:  Art & Origin.




Monday, November 6, 7:30pm
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

Join instructor Marla Helton of Serendipity Yoga Studio for an hour-long session of relaxation yoga in the Peeler Art Center galleries.    For more information visit or contact Marla directly: 
This event is free and open to all DePauw University students, faculty, and staff and the Putnam county community.  Light refreshments will be served.




Thursday, November 9, 4:15pm
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

Artist Joseph Holsapple will give an artist talk.





Tuesday, November 14: 4:15pm
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

Free and open to the public, join us on to hear Ken discuss his work in the exhibition Shadowlands (on display from November 9th until December 15th in the Visual Arts Gallery at the Peeler Art Center).This project is made possible by the support of the Indiana Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, Peace & Conflict Studies, and the Department of Art & Art History.
For more information:  Galleries@Peeler
Indiana Arts Comission logo




Professor Lyle Dechant
The Woman Who Thinks Alone Thinks Evil:  Female Privacy in Late Medieval Art

Tuesday, November 7: 7:00pm

Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

More information coming soon.



Gallery Talk in Pulled, Pressed, and Screened: Important American Prints
Tuesday, November 28: 11:40am
Lower Gallery

Join Dr. Katherine Mintie, a postdoctoral fellow in the Art and Art History Department here at DePauw, for a guided tour of the current exhibit Pulled, Pressed, and Screened: Important American Prints.  Dr. Mintie recently completed her doctoral degree at the University of California, Berkeley. She specializes in the art of the United States and the history of photography. 

For more information:  Galleries@Peeler 


art lecture 

Tuesday, November 28: 5-6pm 
Peeler Art Center, Auditorium

Art vs. #Content
How is technology changing the way the audience views art?  Come hear different perspectives from two lovers of art AND tech: 
Lori Miles, Professor of Art and Sculpture
Anne Harris, Vice President of Academic Affairs & 
Johnson Family University Professor of Art and Art History


Wednesday, November 27, 7pm
Ashley Square Cinema





Art Open House & Sale
Thursday, December 7, 2017, 6:00-8pm
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (lower level)

Join the art and art history department as we celebrate the end of the semester with an art open house and sale.  From  6-8pm in The Peeler Art Center art from all of the spring studio classes will be on display throughout all three floors of Peeler.  In addition all of the gallery exhibits will be open late.