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2016 Art Studio Majors


vicky lu bai

"Photographers are violent people. First they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall." - Anonymous
Vicky Bai is currently a studio art major at DePauw University, and she will be graduating in May of 2016. The camera is a weapon, and the power of gaze through a lens is the first thing that attracted her, and She's become a violent person ever since. She employs self-portraiture to demonstrate the visual oppression and objectification of the female body through mass media, and to experience the bipolar positions of power between photographers and models. She is currently a studio manager of lighting studio and print lab at Peeler Art Center, and she is also a photographer for DePauw Theatre and DePauw Arts Publicity. Born in a generation whose world was saturated with cameras, she has been a victim her whole life. But now through photography, she decides to embrace her body, and creates her own identity.

Skip brea

Skip Brea is an interdisciplinary graphic artist and photographer from the Bronx, New York. He is completing his BA in Studio Art at DePauw University. In the spring of ‘14, Skip studied Digital Graphics, Animation, and Branding with the New York Arts Program. His art practice combines painting, photography, and collage. He received the DePauw University Efroymson in 2013, where he taught himself videography and media communication over the span of an entire Summer. Due to his studio practice and experience with the New York Arts Program a semester later, Skip received the DePauw University Student Research and Artistic Grant in the summer of 2014. This assistantship allowed him to create, do research, and assist under professional artist. He is currently President of DePauw University Student Arts Council from fall 2015-spring 2016, Assistant Program Coordinator for the Putnam County Public Library as a Bonner Scholar Intern. Lastly, he is a full-tuition award winning scholar by the Posse Foundation. His work was recently exhibited in Peeler Art Gallery and received a Juror’s award.

Alexis Freund

Alexis Freund is an Anthropology and Studio Art Major at DePauw University and will be graduating in May 2016. While Alexis works in multiple mediums, specifically digital, new media, and sculpture, her art revolves around coping and obsession. Alexis believes her art should balance between personal and relatable challenging the idea of art as merely aesthetic. After graduation, Alexis plans on working in Brand Strategy and Social Media Analysis and continuing her art as a way of self expression. 

aj houk

AJ Houk hails from the land of milk and honey, drives a BMW, and makes art.  He lives on social media, surgically attached his iPhone to his hand, and confines himself in a materialistic world that leads him on an obsessive journey to have the best of everything. His work is the product of this obsession. 

Beibei Lu

Beibei Lu is a Studio Art and Computer Science double major at DePauw University and will be graduated in May of 2016. She was born in Urumqi, China, and had lived in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Seoul, Florida, and currently Indiana. Living different places helps her develop a culturally embracing mindset. Digital technology fascinates her because it expands time and overlaps spaces; makes universal access available and equality feasible. Her artistic practice is instinct-driven, as she is interested in the subconscious, unbiased, not-socially-restricted expressions. She is inspired by Plato’s Cave Theory and ponders on the multiple realities, real and fake, and their implications in life and art. Her decisions are driven by contradictions; thus she hopes to make art that evokes a similar paradox for the audience. Beibei received the President’s Award for Excellence and A. Reid Winsey Memorial Art Scholarship from DePauw University. Her work in New Media field was exhibited in the Annual Juried Show of 2016.

emily rudolph

Emily Rudolph is majoring in Studio Art at DePauw University and will be graduating in May of 2016. Her nickname is the Doodle Queen, which derives from her obsessive desire to draw on everything, all the time. Her nickname carries over to her work as well, where color, patterns and doodles cover the canvas. The inspiration for her pieces comes from dreams, the imagination and psychological perspective. Art has, and will, continue to be a central figure in her life. Emily has been the recipient of the Ruth and Philip Holton Memorial Scholarship, as well as the Trustee Award from DePauw University. She has qualified for the Dean’s List each year, and has recently received the juror’s choice award from the Student Juried Show. 

madeline schroeder

Madeline Schroeder is a Studio Art and Art History double major at DePauw University and will receive her BA in May 2016. She is a figure painter and ceramicist and her work focuses on the violation and vulnerability of college women physically and emotionally. Through paintings of affected women, along with their stories, she hopes to portray the underlying issue of sexual violence. Madeline has received Dean’s List from 2014-2015 and was the recipient for the 2015 Indiana Artist Craftsman/Talbot Street Art Fair Prize Winner. She is an assistant coordinator for the children’s art program, JumpstART, and assists in Peeler galleries exhibit installations. After graduation Madeline plans to pursue her studio art practice and her interest in galleries and art administration.  

chenlu xue

Chenlu Xue is a double major in Studio Art and Creative Writing at DePauw University. She is from Shijiazhuang, China. She loves working in ceramics and mixed media. Currently she is working on a project about memories she left behind, especially the fleeting moments inspired by her childhood impressions. She received the Efroymson Summer Fellowship in 2015 and completed a research project in traditional Chinese porcelain patterns in Jingdezhen. She will attend Grenoble Graduate School of Business’s MSc program of Fashion, Design and Luxury Management in France after graduation.