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Senior Art Studio Majors



Dallas, Texas
Arlene Beltran is a senior studio art major and art history minor. She enjoys reading and has the ability to read 2 or 3 books in one day. Forensics has and will always fascinate her she likes learning new information about it. 



Greencastle, Indiana
Tyler Davies enjoys studying art, ethics, and writing.  His hobbies include producing electronic music and spending time outdoors.



Dallas, Texas
Lauren Keeley is a senior studio art major and art history minor.  Lauren enjoys cooking, watching films, and traveling to new places.  Previous travels through DePauw have led her to Southeast Asia and a semester studying in Paris.  Her next trip with DePauw will be this January to India.



Beijing, China
Liu is a senior studio art and art history double major.  She is from Beijing but has lived in Melbourne, Auckland, Rome, and currently at Indiana.  She is interested in reflecting deep human emotions, dissect human figures, and confront reality through my artworks. 



Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen picked up photography with a friend's camera then he got stuck. That's why you will always see him with one hand on the camera, one finger on the shutter button and one eye in the viewfinder. If you don't see him with his much beloved camera, it's very likely that he's not feeling well that day. 



Becca likes breathy things, art history classes, and Jingdezhen, among other things.  She rarely wears pants, does not see many movies, and is not 21 yet.  She is from a place in California but she currently lives in Peeler.