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BIO 381

Cell Signaling in Physiology

Includes laboratory. This class explores how cellular signaling coordinates physiological function. It focuses on the modes of operation of complex and dynamic molecular networks that are linked to the families of G-protein coupled receptors, receptor tyrosine kinases, cytokines receptors, second messengers, and small G proteins. The class explores the role of cell signaling in 1) cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, and cell death, and 2) their regulation of stress responses, inflammation, tissue remodeling, wound healing, regeneration and cancer. This class makes extensive use of primary literature. Labs include tissue culture, cell imaging, protein expression, protein isolation and detection by ELISA and Western, and a multi-weeks independent project (4 to 5 weeks) using various cell and molecular techniques, and in vitro cell culture models as well as in vivo research models. Prerequisites: Bio 241 or 250 or 315 or CHEM 240

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course