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Roman Army Replicas

On the first floor of Harrison Hall the Classical Studies Department has a display of replica Roman arms and armor.

Most of the materials were acquired from Bernie Barcio, a Latin teacher in Indiana and an expert on Roman dress, particularly military garb. A highlight of Mr. Barcio's collection is a helmet that was used on the set of the epic film Cleopatra. Other materials on display were acquired from replica dealers by DePauw faculty.

DePauw students interested in learning more about the Roman army, Roman culture, or Roman archaeology should consider taking the following courses: CLST 120 (Ancient Mediterranean World), CLST 254 (Roman Civilization), and CLST 264 (Hellenistic and Roman Art and Archaeology).

Roman Armor on Display
Roman armor on display

On the right is an example of Lorica Hamata or chain mail. This type of armor was used from the Republic through the Empire. A set of Lorica Hamata weighs about 20 pounds. On the left is another type of armor called Lorica Segmentata, this was introduced in the early Empire and is lighter than chain mail. However, it is more expensive to repair and thus never became more popular than Lorica Hamata. Also, on the left is an example of a scutum, or shield. It is made out of wood and weighs about 20 pounds. This figure wears a legionary helmet. On the right is an example of a centurion helmet. 

Training DePauw Students

Prof. Foss, as a Roman Centurion, drilling students in his Hellenistic and Roman Art and Archaeology class on how to be a Roman legionary soldier.